After a horrific stalker threatened Jadeyanh on stream, she has now revealed that she is ''okay''.

12:18, 18 Jan 2021

Twitch streamer Jade-Anh "Jadeyanh" Ngo has taken to Twitter to reassure her fanbase and the general public that she is "okay" after a horrific stalker threatened her family during a stream on January 17.

The German-Vietnamese streamer, known for playing a variety of games such as The Elder Scrolls VI: Skyrim and League of Legends, received a call during her stream from what appeared to be her dad's number. However, on the other end of the line, the caller claimed to have kidnapped her father and threatened to take his life should Jadeyanh not expose her breasts whilst live on Twitch.

Taking to Twitter after the ordeal, she revealed that "After I refused to show my boobs because he wouldn't let me speak to my dad, he said he'd killed him". She then added "Seconds after he said that he killed my dad, my mod wrote in chat that he contacted my uncle who contacted my dad. He was fine, asleep when all this occurred. I immediately hung up on him and called the police".

Continuing to reassure fans, Jade said: "On that note, thank you to everyone who was there to comfort me. Special thank you to my Mod, Creditz, for going above and beyond. I am truly blessed to have someone like you in my life".

However, despite being "okay", the lasting impact is still shocking. She later added that "I'm still under shock because I believed for a couple of seconds that I let my dad get murdered because I didn't flash on stream. Everything feels numb".


What's damning is that this is not the first time Jade has had a stalker directly contact her. Previously, someone repeatedly sent pizzas to her apartment and report a gas leak within her building. After the previous debacle, she pleaded with her stalker to stop.

Whilst she is now "okay", the seriousness of the problem cannot be swept under the rug. With the police now involved, hopefully, the streamer will be able to continue with her career in a secure environment.



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Image via Jadeyanh | Twitch 

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