Streamer Daequan Reveals Why He Stayed Off Twitch For Almost Two Years

Streamer Daequan Reveals Why He Stayed Off Twitch For Almost Two Years
Twitter: Daequan

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Joseph Kime


6th Sep 2021 09:59

Typically, when it comes to Twitch, there’s a lot of love waiting for those who come back to the platform after taking some time away. Many have favourite streamers that retire or take some time away from the platform, and it’s always great to see them back online and entertaining the masses. But, few have received as much love upon their return to Twitch as Daequan.

Daequan Loco, better known simply as Daequan on Twitch, has made his bold return to the streaming platform after his last stream back in 2019, much to the delight of his fans that never lost hope that he’d come back to stream once again.

Fans are ecstatic, but are curious to find out why exactly he took this time away in the first place - and he has now revealed exactly where he’s been all this time.

Daequan Reveals Health Issues Kept Him From Streaming

Daequan Reveals Why he Left Twitch
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Twitter: GFuel | TSM

Daequan has revealed on stream that his break from Twitch wasn’t exactly voluntary - in fact, he’s been battling health issues that have kept him from living his life the way he wanted to. "I was sick for five to six years", the Fortnite pro reveals. "From 19 pretty much to 26. And on top of that, I had those lung collapses, which also prevented me from doing what I wanted to do. Any sports out the window. Anything athletic out the window."

He continued: "I couldn’t even really dance the way I wanted to, because I feel like if I twisted a certain way too hard or something, it might make my lung collapse, and then I’m out of commission for a while."

Thankfully though, even as Daequan has had to suffer like this for some time, it looks like he’s turning a corner, and is feeling better than ever.

Daequan Says He’s ‘Genuinely Happy Now’

After suffering from his health ailments, Daequan has confirmed that he’s ready to get stuck in with Twitch streams again and that he’s finally feeling well enough to do so.

“Finally I’m so happy to say I’m over all that s**t, bro”, he says. “I’ve been playing basketball, I’ve been playing around with boxing, I’ve been doing so many things that I used to do, and I’m genuinely happy now.”

Not only is it great to see Daequan back on the platform, but it’s a delight to know that he’s reached sincere happiness after wrestling with health problems for so long. Fingers crossed he’s back to streaming for good.


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