Streamer Completes Demon’s Souls Remaster Using Just A Dance Mat

Streamer Completes Demon’s Souls Remaster Using Just A Dance Mat

Written by 

Mel Ramsay


1st Jan 2021 11:31

A Twitch streamer has managed to complete the entirety of the Demon’s Souls remaster by simply using a dance mat, and simultaneously put us all to shame with her incredible physical dexterity. 

YouTuber and Twitch streamer Luality has made quite the name for herself by using the unusual ‘controller’ to complete games such as Bloodborne, however Demon’s Souls seems is honestly next level. 

One particular highlight was when she managed to defeat a Flamelurker, seemingly without even breaking a sweat...

One fan commented: “Holy, this is...just amazing, how do you even do this, the true final boss is here!”.

Another added: “Imagine being a legendary demon and then all you see is a player with a dance pad coming at you”.

Although it looks like the actual gameplay itself wasn’t the difficult part of the task, believe it or not. She took to Twitter to share that setting up the dance mat was no mean feat in itself. She wrote: “Setting up the dance pad on the ps5 was harder than playing demon's souls with it, we almost beat the entire game today!!! We finish it in a few hours I just need a nap. Happy Thanksgiving I love you all I am happy to have met you <3 many hugs!!!! <3”.

Luality, who has nearly 39k subscribers on YouTube at the time of writing this article, uploads videos to her channel regularly, with a video of her defeating Nameless King in Dark Souls III achieving an eye-watering four million views. 

One fan commented what we’re all thinking: “This just makes me feel insecure about my skills as a gamer.” Yup, we feel you there. 

Fair play to Luality, this takes some serious skill, and we can’t wait to see what else she manages to defeat using just a dance mat.


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