Stewie spoke to GGRecon following their BLAST win over NiP.

18:52, 02 Feb 2020

Following their shaky and unconvincing win over NiP, with Mirage being a standout map having been 14-6 up before securing the 2-0 victory in overtime. Stewie spoke with GGRecon to discuss the game and their BLAST so far. 

Team Liquid just qualified for the Blast Spring Finals. The event is going to be big and you guys are gonna be the second team so far now that was qualified for it. What are emotions in the team like right now?

I think it’s a sigh of relief. We shouldn’t have ever went to overtime. But we threw a few rounds on the T side that kinda costed us and made us go to overtime. But in the end I think it’s just sigh of relief.

Any thoughts on NiP’s performance with nawwk coming his first time really at a big event with a TO 1 team. What do you think of him so far?

I think he’s actually playing pretty good. I think he is one of the actual star players for the team. I think he is doing really well, he is having a lot of impact on the team. It looks like they are going in the right direction.

Definitely exciting times for them as they do get eliminated, unfortunately. But, we are a little bit concerned about Liquid as well, which is that so far on four maps that we have seen you guys on in 2020, it’s been a little bit shaky. With Mirage, going to overtime here like you mentioned. Vertigo against MIBR, Faze Clan with Dust 2 and inferno as well. What’s going on in the team?

I wouldn’t say it’s going downhill. I think we’re still at a good pace. I think it’s just we’re fresh off the brakes so kind of get the LAN environment going again and getting used to playing on LAN, and right now I think a lot of teams are coming up with new things. MIBR had a new lineup, NiP had a new lineup, so we can’t really expect much. We just had to play our game, and now that we have a good feeling about how they both play, I think we’ll do better next time we play them. 

Speaking of next time, you guys do still have one best of three left in the day. That’s going to be up against FaZe clan coming up very shortly. Yesterday didn’t go so well. You guys mentioned that there was some internal discord among the team. After, like a bit of a harder map against NiP then you maybe expected, should we be worried?

Well, yesterday I think was a really off day for us. I think, during my time on this team that’s actually the worst we’ve played throughout my one year here. I think we’re going to play good against FaZe. It’s kind of the same style, so we’ll see how we do.

Are we going to see anything changing in the veto coming up because Inferno didn’t go that well?

I think yesterday was more of a brush off. There’s nothing to add or remove. I think we’re doing well, and we’re pretty much just brushing it off and just going to play our own game.

Any final words for the fans out there who had a bit of a clenching moment right there?

I just think that it is going to be a good game. I appreciate everyone that is supporting and hope you guys continue supporting us.

Image via BLAST.

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