The new free game on steam has players thoroughly surprised.

15:09, 29 Apr 2021

Steam has a long legacy of adding fancy titles to their ever-growing list of rotation free games, allowing players to capture everything that a title has to offer before ramping the price back up two weeks later. The system which has led to many indie games' success continues to develop its trophy cabinet and has now opted to surprise many players with their latest addition.

As of April 30, Steam users will be able to download Rusty Lake Hotel free of charge. 

But what's so surprising? 

The game has a mediocre rating on Metacritic, coming in with just a 65 scoring on the satisfactory scale, although Steam users love it. The online store has recorded a 95% happiness rating for Rusty Lake Hotel from fans which is what makes it a delight for their users.

However, the biggest surprise is that the game only costs $2 anyway.


Developed by Rusty Lake, the title is the seventh instalment of their party-like games that have you solving puzzles to appease the eccentric manor inhabitants. Rusty Lake Hotel has you whipping up remedies and meals in an eerie mansion that looks like the birthplace of Salad Fingers. 


With just a $2 (£1.43) price tag, it comes as one of the cheapest titles that Steam has decided to waver the fees and add to their free games list. Although it's only a minor quid and costs less than a cup of coffee, it certainly comes as a welcomed surprise to fans who are reluctant to buy games.

Loyal Steam users have expressed a sense of befuddlement though, being used to games with a little bit more value for money, or value for no money in this respect.


Still, Rusty Lake Hotel might be worth killing a couple of hours on over the bank holiday...



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Image via Rusty Lake

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