A 'Start Glitch' that had led the Call of Duty League community to call for Kill Cams to be banned, has now been patched

13:52, 05 Aug 2020

The regular season of the Call of Duty League has concluded, with Atlanta FaZe coming out in first place. In the fiercely contested Toronto Ultra Home Series we saw eight teams, including the top four, go head to head to lock-in their seeds for the World Championships later this month. 

However, as per the whole of this season, the final series wasn't without controversy. Allegations of cheating echoed through the player base after a Call of Duty glitch emerged that allows players to locate the enemy team on the minimap whilst viewing the kill cam.


Whilst it was impossible to tell whether a team had been using this glitch during the Toronto Home Series - or throughout the entire year - clips surfaced showcasing examples of the allegations. One that surfaced was against the hosts, Toronto Ultra, as they seemingly pulled a u-turn from pushing a Hardpoint on St. Petrograd to double up on the rotation to the pool room where Dallas Empire's Shottzy was hiding to help get his side the spawns.

This could have been unrelated to the Call of Duty glitch, but there was one moment of Ultra dead when the two members pulled back and hunted down Shottzy's exact location. This caused an uproar within the community and calls for kill cams to be turned off during the World Championships.

With Modern Warfare Season 5, Infinity Ward was handed its first slice of development support since the game went online, and has removed the ability to view the map while watching the kill cam. It has patched the glitch and is a solid alternative to turning them off altogether.


Call of Duty Glitch

The clip showed a player dying and then checking the minimap. As the kill cam emerges in the background the minimap is removed. Voila, the problem is seemingly gone from the game.

This comes as a welcome addition just weeks before the World Championships kick off on August 19. Even though there are still some underlying problems Infinity Ward hasn't fixed, the pinnacle of the Call of Duty League will be without ridiculed cheating this summer.

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Images via Activision

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