Stardew Valley Announces First Esports Cup

Stardew Valley Announces First Esports Cup
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Joseph Kime


24th Aug 2021 10:03

Of all the games with dedicated esports out there, few really feel out of place. The likes of Call of Duty and Apex Legends cover the popular FPS genre and lay focus on decimating opponents for glory, whereas Dota 2 and League of Legends have a focus on ultimate tactical thinking and problem-solving. The competitive scene is all about the very best of the best battling it out for supremacy and huge cash prizes.

But now, esports is officially extending into who can farm kale the fastest, and how many slimes you can dispatch, because a much-loved indie farming game is entering the world of competitive gaming.

ConcernedApe Announces First Stardew Valley Cup

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Eric Barone, better known as ConcernedApe, has announced on Twitter the very first esports cup for his game Stardew Valley. The farming game is set to have its new cup, aptly titled the Stardew Valley Cup, competed for by teams of the very best players around.

“It’s a competition of skill, knowledge, and teamwork, with a prize pool of over $40k”, says Barone on the ConcernedApe Twitter page. “See some of Stardew Valley’s most dedicated players in their element!”

The cup is comprised of four teams - Sandy’s Candies, Pierree’s Cherries, Pam’s Yams, and Krobus’s Crocuses. It’s unknown yet how these teams will compete, but we’re excited to see how this game that arguably has no right to be a good esports title adapts to the world of comp gaming.

When Is The Stardew Valley Cup?

Stardew Valley Announces First Esports Cup
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The Stardew Valley Cup is taking place on September 4 over on UnsurpassableZ’s Twitch channel, so you’ll be able to watch the action live as it happens.

We’re looking forward to seeing how Stardew Valley adapts to competitive play, especially as a lot of the game’s progress is reliant on RNG. Still, it’s bound to be exciting either way, so we’ll see you in chat!



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