Sorry, The Star Wars Battlefront 3 Leak Has Been Debunked

Sorry, The Star Wars Battlefront 3 Leak Has Been Debunked

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28th Apr 2021 10:04

The dark side of the Force is strong, as one sneaky Sith has been exposed as their very own Sheev Palpatine by sharing a fake Star Wars Battlefront 3 leak. While the Battlefront name harks back to that weird period where there were no Star Wars movies or shows on our screen, it famously entered a new chapter with EA DICE's reboot in 2015.

As we gathered our squadrons and jumped behind the controls of TIE fighters and X-Wings, the franchise then jumped into hyperspace with Star Wars Battlefront II in 2017.

Away from the Death Star-sized loot box controversy that Battlefront II kickstarted, the game was praised for its inventive story, additional content, and introducing the fan-favourite and typically complex Iden Versio. EA officially bowed out of Battlefront II in April last year, but with a reinvigorated love for Star Wars games and resurrection of Lucasfilm Games, we're waiting patiently for official news of Battlefront 3. Unfortunately, a fresh round of leaks have been exposed as a Jar Jar Binks-esque joke.


What was the Star Wars Battlefront 3 leak?

With rumours of Battlefront 3 already running rife, one "anonymous source" took their chance to reveal a tonne of details AND a first look at the game in the form of a new Coruscant level. Posting on Imgur and Reddit, they shared the backdrop of the busy metropolis and claimed it will have a big part to play in Battlefront 3. Elsewhere, the leaker claimed Battlefront 3 will capitalise on Rosario Dawson's live-action role in The Mandalorian and her own spinoff show. Similar to how Battlefront 2 ran a marketing campaign on Darth Maul and Naboo, Ahsoka is supposed to feature prominently - with her in-game appearance being based on Dawson.

The leak goes on to claim the Star Card system will get a rework, co-op play is available (with reduced XP), and the Starfighter and Galactic Assault modes will be merged into one. It all sounds pretty believable, and given Disney's much-hyped casting of Dawson, it would make sense Ahsoka is a central figure. As for Coruscant, the city is seen as a hub of the galaxy and would be great to explore as a Cyberpunk-esque city of neon and nefarious faces. Before you get too excited though, it looks like the Battlefront 3 leak might've been debunked. 


How was the Star Wars Battlefront 3 leak proven false?

The BattlefrontFR account tweeted a video proving the original poster had been telling porky pies. The account simply typed “Coruscant City” into the search bar for a 3D model store called Sketchfab. It didn't take long to expose the lie, with the apparent Battlefront 3 level being the fourth result down. The legitimacy of the "leak" was soon torn apart, and we've gone back to square one in terms of rumours. Posts of this kind already have a sketchy track record, but the fact the Coruscant design has been called out is the final nail in the coffin. 

It's not that we won't see Battlefront 3, it's just not yet. Giving a "new hope" to fans, let's remember Star Wars Day is just around the corner. May 4 is typically the day to make your big Star Wars announcements, and while we're expecting an update on Disney's plethora of Star Wars shows, there's sure to be some gaming news too. Respawn Entertainment has already teased Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order 2 thanks to a new job listing, but much like Battlefront 3, there's no word from the Empire.

Now that the Star Wars Battlefront 3 leak has been tagged as “False” on the GamingLeaksAndRumors subreddit, we'll have to wait and see if EA DICE is gathering its own army of Clone Troopers or this is one idea that's been banished to the Dagobah system. 


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