kkOma enters free agency.

09:51, 10 Sep 2020

The star head coach Kim “kkOma” Jeong-gyun has left the Chinese esports organisation Vici Gaming citing his wife’s pregnancy as a major factor in the decision. Vici and kkOma had tried to find a satisfying solution for both parties but ultimately failed to come to an agreement. Nevertheless, the parties said to have left it off amicably with a mutual understanding of each other’s priorities.

In a Tweet, the organisation thanked kkOma for his efforts. 


During his stay at Vici, the team had finished 9th and 11th place in the Chinese LPL respectively. Even though the Chinese League of Legends scene is considered to be the strongest, having won the last two World Championships, the results are considered at least slightly underwhelming given by the expectations that kkOma’s arrival had set for the team.

Considered one of the best coaches in League of Legends, kkOma had left the South Korean esports organisation T1 around superstar player Lee "Faker" Sang-hyeok late last year. During his time with the organisation he won six domestic titles as well as three World Championships. After seven years with T1, he had left for Vici to compete in LPL Spring 2020.

Where kkOma’s career will go to next is currently unknown, though a return to South Korea appears likely in the light of the reasoning given for his departure for Vici. His former team T1 had failed to qualify for the 2020 World Championship yesterday after a 3-0 loss against South Korean esports organisation Gen.G.

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Image via Riot Games and Vici Gaming

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