These teams have taken inspiration from some of the scariest monsters around!

18:30, 29 Oct 2020

With the first transfer window open, players will be looking to dress up in their new team's uniforms, but the teams as a whole have also been putting on their best act as some of the spookiest monsters around! While it is yet to be seen if the RLCS X teams will continue to trick fans with falling below expectations, or treat them to more and more exciting series, these three teams have embraced the spirit of Halloween.

BDS: Vampire

In true vampiric fashion, the best team in Europe has sucked the life out of their opponents in recent matches. On their way to securing their spot as the best in EU in the Fall Major, BDS's defence was a step above the opposition. After falling behind three games to one against Galaxy Racer, BDS went over twenty minutes to finish the series without allowing another goal. They not only used their vampiric powers to suck the life out of Galaxy Racer, but the ever-threatening Renault Vitality. Although Vitality's offence has been one of the best in the region, it took them over fourteen minutes to find the back of the net.

Many teams can showcase solid defensive play or a dangerous offence, but BDS are one of the few teams in the world that have proven their elite capabilities on both sides of the field. They have consistently proven themselves after winning three of the first four major tournaments in Europe, and don't look like they will be slowing down anytime soon.

BDS are one of the best teams in the world for a reason, and their incredible defence is an obvious reason why. Although the organisation is based in Switzerland, they certainly seem to be taking inspiration from Transylvania. Don't be surprised if we see these players using the bat decal on their cars for a while!

Spacestation Gaming: Frankenstein's Monster

Spacestation Gaming came back from the dead! Okay, well, not "dead." They have still been one of the most threatening teams in North America, despite going through a lull. After getting upset by Charlotte Phoenix in Game 5 of The Grid Week 6, they continued to fall prey to upsets from the likes of the Kansas City Pioneers. Along with this, they had to forfeit The Grid Week 9 due to real-life logistical issues.


If anybody truly began to doubt this team though, it was in vain as SSG bounced back by earning 3:0 sweeps in three of their four series to qualify for the Major's playoffs. They then went on to win the entire event, staking their claim as the best in North America. They have given themselves a significant lead in Circuit Points, and would need a massive collapse in the coming months to even drop as low as fifth. 

Spacestation Gaming really does feel as threatening as the giant monster with their clean defence and always threatening attack. Frankenstein's Monster would be terrifying to see knocking on the door, and undoubtedly that is how most teams feel when they see SSG pop up on their schedule. While they might not be as dominant as they were when they won three of the first five Grids, they will undoubtedly be in contention for the claiming the second Major at the end of the Winter Split.


Giants Gaming: Werewolf

When the Giants show up to play, it is difficult to tell whether or not they are going to be a harmless human, or a terrifying lycanthrope. The Giants looked to be a contender early in the season before putting up several average performances in weeks 5-7 of the Grid. They ended up winning Week 9 though, as well as putting up good results in the first two Regionals. However, they bombed out of the tournament in the third Regional by losing their final three series on the day after easily taking their first two. This placed them in 17th-22nd for the weekend. 


Fortunately, they bounced back once the Major came around by defeating Fadeaway in their fifth series of the day. Although it wasn't the prettiest qualification, they made it. But, they fell short of their early season form by getting dominated by Renault Vitality. Although Vitality are obviously favourites in the matchup, the Giants failed to keep it close. They allowed nine goals over three games. Their results in the league tables sum up their season well. They finished second in the Grid, but came in sixth place for the overall Fall Split Circuit Points. 

Just like a werewolf, the Giants are looking to transform as rumours about Damian "Tox" Schäfer potentially have him going to the ex-Barca squad. It will be an important transfer window for the Giants as they look to show that their second-place finish in the Grid is more representative of their talents than their sixth place Fall Split ranking.


Images via Psyonix

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