With a new Spitfire buff in Apex Legends Season 6, one Riot Games developer has explained what's going on.

12:38, 17 Sep 2020

As Season 6 of Apex Legends continues its roadmap of tweaks and fixes, the fan-favourite Spitfire Light Machine Gun has been given a low-key buff. When Respawn Entertainment isn't busy adding new Legends like Rampart or dealing with the plethora of glitches that are currently plaguing the September Soiree event, devs are looking closely at how they can improve Apex's impressive arsenal of weaponry. 

The Spitfire buff flew under the radar when Season 6 first rolled out, with the patch notes being a little vague, to say the least. However, with more and more players noting that the weapon was handling a little differently, the developers have confirmed what's really going on with the Spitfire.


Weapon Wednesday Spitfire | September 16 2020 from r/apexlegends

Clearing up the Spitfire buff mystery on Reddit, game designer David Bocek, aka AmusedApricot, explained why the team decided to revamp the Spitfire. Discussing what's new, Bocek said, "It was just a reduction in the multipliers for the vertical and horizontal kick, but not an adjustment to the pattern itself. The horizontal recoil was buffed a little more than the vertical". 

He confirmed the decision was made because "the high mag size with worse TTK is a combo that is better for non-high skill players." With horizontal recoil being hard to control, Bocek said it "made sense to improve on that axis". Even if the Spitfire buff only seemed subtle, it was enough to attract attention from Apex's eagle-eyed gamers.

The Spitfire buff is part of Respawn's push to bring LMGs to the forefront of the battle royale's meta. The new and improved Spitfire has the highest ammo capacity out of any weapon in all of Apex, which makes it invaluable when time-to-kill has increased. Alongside the ability to fire off rounds until your heart's content, there's a 2x headshot multiplayer and its reduced recoil.

Basically, the Spitfire should be a go-to choice of gun - if it wasn't already. Either way, Spitfire fans should be over the moon with its Season 6 buff.


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Images via Respawn Entertainment

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