Another data-mined leak once again suggests VALORANT coming to other platforms.

18:01, 21 Sep 2020

Once again, a line of code was data-mined that could tease a possible VALORANT version outside the PC platform. In June, data miners had found reason to believe that VALORANT could be coming to Android, iOS and even PS4. Now another hint has surfaced in patch 1.08, entailing the command line "Action to perform when double tapping on right-hand side of screen."

For those familiar with other First Person Shooter mobile games, the command line describes a UI feature that games like Call of Duty: Mobile and PUBG: Mobile also use to bring FPS gameplay onto the player's phone. 

The Counter-Strike-esque playstyle of VALORANT appears to be only feasible on a mouse and keyboard setup, suggesting that a direct port of gameplay mechanics was unlikely going to be the case. Perhaps instead, Riot Games could be utilizing the universe they have created with VALORANT to be the setting of possible mobile version, possibly remaining a First Person Shooter while altering the gameplay experience in order to match the usual run and gun playstyle of mobile and console games that suite the controller playstyle.

VALORANT has been the first IP outside the League of Legends universe that Riot Games had created 10 years ago and had since revisited with games like Team Fight Tactics, so a precedent for multiple games within the same story is already set.

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Image via Riot Games

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