Sony's PlayStation Game Pass Has Been Unveiled

Sony's PlayStation Game Pass Has Been Unveiled
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Tom Chapman


3rd Dec 2021 18:16

Well, it sounds like it’s official, the team over at Sony has finally caved to the pressure, and is working on its own version of the Microsoft Game Pass.

For longer than we care to remember, these two gaming giants have duked it out. Although there are still critics of Game Pass’ business model because it is accused of giving away it’s biggest games for "free", you only have to look at the number of Game Pass subscribers to see it works. 

What Is The PlayStation Game Pass?

According to trusted leaker Nibellion (via Bloomberg), Sony has admitted defeat by adopting a similar tactic to its biggest rival. Come on, even Nintendo has its Switch Online service to get us parting with our coins to play N64 games. 

Apparently, Sony's version is called Project Spartacus (we're guessing this isn’t the final name) and will be split into three tiers. It'll work similar to the basic and Utimate versions of Game Pass, and like this, there's a push from Sony into Cloud Gaming

What’s Included In The PlayStation Game Pass?

Tier 1 is set to include PS Plus membership and a mysterious mention of "benefits". Tier 2 package will open the doors to PS4 games and "select" PS5 titles. Tier 3 will presumably cost a little more but add backward compatibility to fan-favourites from the PS3, PS2, and PS1 eras. 

The icing on the cake is that Sony will reportedly merge the PS Plus and PS Now services. For too long, we've been left confused by what each actually does - with one billed for mainstream gamers and the other for multiplayer.

Everything is pretty vague though, and we're also not liking the sound of "select PS5" games. It hardly sounds like God of War Ragnarok will be landing on the PlayStation Game Pass anytime soon. 

We have heard about a Sony version of the Game Pass before, but it jars against the words of former PlayStation CEO Shawn Layden, who called out Microsoft's model as "unsustainable".  For those hoping to know more, the upcoming Game Awards could be one to watch. 


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