Sonic The Hedgehog Is Coming To Minecraft In Latest DLC

Sonic The Hedgehog Is Coming To Minecraft In Latest DLC
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Joseph Kime


23rd Jun 2021 13:26

Minecraft’s bonus content might in many’s eyes be reliant on fan-made mods, but the title’s DLC outpourings have brought a lot of content to the game. And a lot of it is… interesting.

Introducing “Mash-Up” Packs has brought a new flair to the console versions of the games to make up for some of the missing features of the Java edition, including collaborations with Super Mario, Toy Story and Adventure Time among others. The real changes came with the Jurassic World DLC, introducing vehicles, building materials and dinosaurs of all things to the game. It shook up the gameplay of the game entirely and has ushered in a new age of Minecraft content. And it looks like the next batch of DLC content is set to change the game even more.

Minecraft Announces Sonic The Hedgehog DLC

Sonic Comes To Minecraft In New DLC
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To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the blue blur, Sonic and his friends are coming to Minecraft in their own DLC pack that looks to introduce whole new ways to play in the game. The trailer that introduces the DLC pack shows off a new Sonic spin and new animations that reflect the legacy of the hedgehog, front flipping and throwing his arms behind his back as he runs. He darts across a recreation of Green Hill Zone, hitting speed boosts and making full 360-degree spins as he goes.

The trailer shows off the introduction of Knuckles, Shadow, Amy and more characters from the Sonic universe, along with chaos emeralds, classic enemies and a whole host of Chao.

The DLC looks incredibly dense and is bringing a hell of a lot of content to the game. And now that both Mario and Sonic have been introduced to the sandbox title, we can speculate which gaming mascots are coming next. A Super Metroid crossover, anyone?


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