Sonic Frontiers Trailer Secretly Killed A Classic Sonic Character

Sonic Frontiers Trailer Secretly Killed A Classic Sonic Character
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Joseph Kime


13th Dec 2021 13:20

Can you believe it's already time to be hyped for a Sonic game? In many ways, it has been proven that we have no reason to be excited for upcoming Sonic The Hedgehog games, as the series has been pretty mislaid for the last decade or so.

A couple have slipped through the cracks and been good fun on the whole, but most… haven't been. The next is from Sonic Team and looks like Breath of the Wild, so do with that what you will.

Even though we can't comment much on how Sonic Frontiers will actually play, it looks incredibly ambitious and as though it's ready to take some serious risks. Sadly, one of those risks is killing off a long-standing character that has been central to Sonic's many stories. Bold.

Which Fan-Favourite Does Sonic Frontiers Kill Off?

In the first trailer for Sonic Frontiers, we see the blue blur tearing away across the series' first "open zone", being helped by an ethereal voice.

"Sonic! Over here!" it calls. "Don't! It's too dangerous!"

While some might reasonably imagine this ghostly voice to be Tails, the closed captions of the video prove that actually, the voice belongs to Amy Rose. And she's a ghost. Well, that's a little strange for Sonic's longstanding girlfriend. 

It's odd that Amy can see all of Sonic's moves without being there, and he's not wearing a wire - so there's only one explanation. Amy Rose… is dead.

Is Amy Rose Actually Dead?

Amy's current status is certainly up in the air, and she could very well have kicked the bucket - after all, stranger things have happened on Sonic's adventures.

Perhaps Amy is trapped between worlds and needs to be rescued, giving way for the story of Frontiers, but then again, we could theorise about the plot of the game forever.

The truth is, Amy seems to be pretty finished to us, and we'll just have to wait and see as to the hows, whys, and whens. It's a pretty morbid theory to jump in on, but remember, Zelda isn't exactly sunshine and rainbows.

Sonic Frontiers looks to be bringing some big changes to the franchise, and if Amy's demise is on the cards, it's also coming with some big sacrifices. All will be revealed in 2022 - press F.


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