Someone's Made An Austin Powers X Mass Effect Trailer And It's Hilarious

Someone's Made An Austin Powers X Mass Effect Trailer And It's Hilarious
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Emma Hill


21st Oct 2021 17:07

Wait a tick... is that the International Man Of Mystery himself causing mayhem on the Normandy? You bet your lacey jabot it is! 

One incredibly creative Austin Powers and Mass Effect fan has created a video showing the iconic British spy up to his usual tricks in the video game. There, sadly, may not be a Mass Effect movie happening any time soon but, if there was, we would definitely love to see something like this. 

The clip was shared by Twitter user, sheevpaIps, and received a huge amount of praise from fans for its perfectly-timed editing and the way it has perfectly placed Danger Powers in the game. Oh, sorry Danger is his middle name. The Remastered Mass Effect game may have left some players shedding tears of pride, but this trailer had us crying with laughter. 

What Is The Austin Powers Mass Effect Trailer?

The hilarious trailer shows the groovy super-spy running away from Husks, failing miserably at trying to drive an M35 Mako and, of course, doing a lot of flirting with the likes of Liara T'Soni and Miranda Lawson. Oh, behave Austin. 

One of the most brilliant parts of the clip has to be when Powers comes face-to-face with the Catalyst, just like Commander Shepard in the final showdown of Mass Effect 3. However, rather than have an enlightened conversation with the child-like hologram like Shepard does, Powers just screams: "Assassin!" and kicks the AI into next week. Subsequently, this causes a huge explosion and Powers is left to survey the, er, damage. 

Who's Made The Austin Powers X Mass Effect Trailer?

The trailer was first shared on YouTube by creator, eli_handle_b․wav. This isn't the only hilarious crossover that the YouTuber has flawlessly been able to combine. Breaking Bad's Walter White has brought his classic Heisenberg style to the Half-Life games and psychopathic serial killer Patrick Bateman of American Psycho can be seen wielding his chainsaw around in Fallout 4.

However, there is something so perfectly in sync about the Austin Powers trailer, and it's the crossover we never knew we needed.

There may not be much known about the upcoming Mass Effect game, but you can check out everything we know so far here. However, if we're lucky, the next instalment to the Sci-Fi video game franchise could be awakening a groovy new crew member from his cryogenic sleep. 


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