The source of the sound in Fortnite has finally been isolated.

12:56, 12 Apr 2021

If you've been playing Fortnite recently, then you'll know all about the changes that came into effect with Season 6. First of all, there are velociraptors as well as a whole host of other animals that you can befriend. However, there's also been something a little bit strange, a creepy noise. 

Many players assumed it was something to do with the dinos, however the actual source of the noise is the main tower in the middle of the map. A Twitter user by the name of @isnewpuddy isolated the sound, and then a popular Fortnite leak account, Hypex, shared it. 

One Twitter user wrote: "That last one, no way that wasnt something tearing apart. Seemed organic too, like flesh from the bone or, what it could be in this case, whatever the Spire is created of may be some organic mineral or stone. We'll have to see though."

A few other people wondered whether it was Foundation 'screaming in pain'. 

Another added: "Here's what I was able to hear. 1. The roar from the catalyst monster 2. Ice shifting or cracking (polar peak?) 3. Rifts cracking open (maybe to a reference how Batman is coming to the island from a rift this season. 4. Screeming (probably the foundation inside) 5. Roaring again".


The general consensus seems to be that something big is coming. Could it be a huge T. rex? Could it be an ever bigger dinosaur? We'll have to wait and see. All we know is that we're excited to see where this goes. 

Season 6 really has been an exciting development in the game. 



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Images via Epic Games 

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