With the PS5 console turning out to be more like gold dust, people are shelling out ridiculous amounts of money to get hold of one.

16:25, 20 Nov 2020

Unless you’ve been living underneath a rock, you’ll have noticed the world went into absolute pandemonium of late as people waited in countless online queues to obtain a PlayStation5. While many succeeded and the consoles are being well and truly enjoyed by their owners, hundreds and thousands of others were left out in the cold - desperate to get their hands on one.

The unfortunate reality for many, is that unless they pre-ordered, you’re going to have to wait a few more months to get you hands on the console (which was not made easier by the ever-changing coronavirus pandemic), which has led people to take drastic measures - buying at ridiculous prices from scalpers on the internet.

Fair, maybe pay an extra tenner or so if you’re REALLY desperate to get your hands on one, but one person has gone as far as shelling out a whopping £7910 just to get the PS5 as soon as possible.

As reported by The Loadout, that’s 1,485% more than the RRP. I mean, if you have the spare cash to drop on a ridiculously overpriced console and the desperation to play the few titles that were available on the launch, then by all means, but it does seem a slight bit excessive - right? 

However, it isn’t all doom and gloom, as people who managed to actually get hold of a retail-priced console have reported a lot of love for their new PS5. From the new haptic feedback and adaptive triggers to the incredible loading times for games, the PlayStation 5 is clearly a success for many. 


Lockdown was probably the best and worst time for a new console to release. The whole world wants their hands on one, but there wasn’t quite enough to go around. For those of us who don’t have a near eight grand to spend on the console, I’m sure it’ll be available to buy again soon. In the meantime, Twitch streams, anyone?


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Images via Sony

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