Someone Has Added Chris Pratt Into The New Guardians Of The Galaxy Game

Someone Has Added Chris Pratt Into The New Guardians Of The Galaxy Game

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Joseph Kime


18th Jun 2021 14:59

Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, even in its short life since its reveal at E3 2021, is no stranger to trouble. Many fans have reacted poorly to a lot of aspects of the game, namely the combat system and the fact that players can only play as the spacefaring scamp Star-lord - but many fans are upset that the game isn’t connected to the Guardians we know from the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Licensing troubles aside, fans have noticed the deviation between the iconic team we’ve seen on the big screen and the team in-game, and many aren’t happy with the change of actors and designs. The film Guardians are iconic in their own right, and to be offered a whole new interpretation of the characters is a little jarring for some. Luckily for them, someone’s taken matters into their own hands, and have injected the MCU’s Star-Lord into the game.

Chris Pratt Joins Marvel’s Guardians Of The Galaxy… Via Deepfake

Chris Pratt Joins Guardians Of The Galaxy Game Via Deepfake
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YouTube user Stryder HD has uploaded a video that shows off what the MCU’s Guardians leading man Chris Pratt would look in the heavily customised jacket of the game’s Peter Quill.

Maybe it’s our attachment to the MCU’s Peter Quill’s barnet, but something about Pratt with bright blonde hair is unnerving. But chances are, this video will put a smile on the faces of those complaining that the game doesn’t have as tight a connection to the MCU movies as initially hoped.

The game’s design in itself looks quite similar to that of Marvel’s Avengers, so it’s no surprise the game deviates from the MCU - but either way, is likely to quell (or Quill? sorry) fans of Pratt’s Star-Lord for now.

Images via stryder HD | Eidos Montreal

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