The Call of Duty League SMG meta seems to be a two-weapon race with only a few events left.

17:00, 05 Jul 2020

Times are tough right now for any submachine gun player in the Call of Duty League. After Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s latest update, the game is being heavily dominated by the M4A1 assault rifle. Why? Because the MP5 was nerfed pretty significantly and there aren’t a ton of other options out there. While the Mini-Uzi looked like it was ready to take over the scene, professional players agreed to restrict any ammunition attachments, rending the gun useless.

Now, the meta for SMG players is in a state of flux but an end does appear to be in sight. The only question remaining is, are more players “Team AUG” or “Team MP5”?

The AUG and MP5 fighting for meta dominance 

The MP5 has been the top dog in the SMG meta since Modern Warfare released back in October. No other gun from the class has really challenged that with the exception of the MP7 during the first few weeks of the game. However, it was quickly realized that the MP5 was simply better than the MP7 and since that, every competitive match has featured the weapon. 

Though, the last patch was the first real nerf the MP5 has received from Infinity Ward. Decreasing its damage range sent ripples through the competitive community and hit professional CDL players the hardest. On the day of the update, many experimented with the Mini-Uzi, however, and it proved to be an exceptional alternative. Of course, this was squashed with pros banning the 10mm Magazines and 41AE Rounds. 

Since then, there’s been a large debate going on in the professional Call of Duty community. With the Mini-Uzi gone, it seemed like the MP5 was back in the meta even after its big nerf. However, SMG players weren’t happy with this since the M4A1 assault rifle was now a better weapon in almost all situations. SMG users like Simp, Zoomaa, and Envoy were tweeting about how difficult matching up against AR users. 

Some SMG players simply got too frustrated with the MP5’s current state and turned to yet another weapon in the class, being the AUG. This shift in the meta occurred a couple of days ago and it seems like some are legitimately using the SMG over the MP5. Just check out this clip from a recent scrimmage in which Atlanta FaZe player aBeZy gets a taste of the AUG’s power.

If that clip is any indication, the AUG looks to be a real threat to the MP5’s place in the meta. However, some professionals are not convinced and still use the weapon they’re most comfortable with, being the MP5. While the MP7 was tested for a brief time, the race appears to be coming down to the MP5 and AUG. 

At the time of writing, around half of the SMG players in the CDL are using the AUG and the rest are going with the MP5. Both weapons have their pros and cons but perform fairly well. The AUG is arguably the more powerful of the two and stands the best chance to take down an M4 player at longer ranges. However, the MP5 is a bit more reliable in the accuracy department and has a little more mobility.

The meta of Modern Warfare seems to be changing every day according to professional players. While the M4A1 is cemented as the meta rifle, the SMG category is certainly up in the air when it comes to the subject. We’ll get a better idea of where professional players stand when the Call of Duty League returns to action on July 10 for the New York Home Series.

Images via Activision

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