Skyrim's Alduin Designer Has Never Beaten The Final Boss

Skyrim's Alduin Designer Has Never Beaten The Final Boss

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Tom Chapman


9th Dec 2021 12:28

Up there with Resident Evil's Tyrant, Silent Hill's Pyramid Head, and Mario's Bowser, few video game villains have made as much impact as Skyrim's Alduin. With 10 years to best that fiery foe, he's become as much a part of Skyrim as the glitches themselves. 

You might expect that after a decade to make it from Helgen through to the final boss battle with Alduin, anyone who has picked up a copy of Skyrim will have beaten the beast by now. However, it turns out Alduin's designer has never actually defeated him - go figure.

Why Hasn't Alduin's Designer Defeated Him?

As part of his release of A Skyrim Documentary to celebrate the anniversary, Character Artist Jonah Lobe claims he's simply been too busy enjoying Tamriel to ever get around to toppling Alduin.

Explaining why Alduin is at the bottom of his to-do list, Lobe said, "You have that one objective where you think you do, but along the way so much crap happens.

"This, of course, is the quintessential Skyrim experience. You see something in the distance, you head for it, and then 10 hours later, you haven't even gotten there because you got distracted."

Promoting his own credentials, Lobe added, "Have you ever played just the main quest of Skyrim? I made the last boss of Skyrim. Alduin and the whalebone bridge that you cross to reach them, but I've never actually seen them in-game."

Reiterating why he's never seen his fully realised version of Alduin, Lobe concluded, "Why? I just never got there. I was too distracted. There is hidden treasure all over Skyrim, but nobody's gonna show you the way, you have to find it for yourself."

What Other Weird Skyrim Facts Do We Know?

With Skyrim celebrating such a milestone and The Elder Scrolls 6 being a long way off, a lot of us are heading back to revisit this classic. Things have been helped by the release of the Skyrim Anniversary Edition (with added fishing), with players obsessed by finding every little detail.

All those years ago, the Skyrim wagon opening was nearly upended by a rogue bee that caused the cart to constantly crashed. The problem was insects had collision detection, that could've screwed the entirety of Skyrim.

Only recently, we covered a similar glitch where you can ride Torchbugs around Tamriel thanks to the unique properties of insects. Even so many years later, Skyrim is the gift that keeps on giving. 

If Lobe ever wants to get around to tackling Alduin, he can take a leaf out of the person's book who managed to one-bomb the big bad without the use of mods.


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