Skyrim Players Reveal The Pettiest Thing They've Ever Done

Skyrim Players Reveal The Pettiest Thing They've Ever Done

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Tom Chapman


21st Dec 2021 14:51

He's making a list, he's checking it twice, he's gonna find out who's been naughty or nice in Tamriel. Over the past 10 years of Skyrim play, we thought we'd seen all the underhand deeds and morally questionable actions there are. It turns out we've been wrong... dead wrong.

Transcending almost any game in living memory, Skyrim has that magical spark that still means thousands of us are still playing it a whole decade after Bethesda first released the fifth game in The Elder Scrolls series. With the Skyrim community still alive and well, a Reddit thread got dark pretty quick, as players discussed the prettiest thing they've done in-game.

What Is The Pettiest Thing You've Done In Skyrim?

This frankly brilliant question was the brainchild of redditor u/lavabendingfirelord, and safe to say, some of your are seriously f****d in the head. The OP started by saying they simply fought for the Stormcloaks because they didn't like the Imperial armour - regretting their decision at a later date.

Keen to one-up the author, the thread soon descended into a nightmare of its own. Telling us their own twisted tales of pettiness, it shows just how inventive the Skyrim community can be. Reading some of these stories, we'd be locking you up in Helgen and throwing away the key.

One petty player said, "I kill Jaree-Ra on literally every playthrough. I do the quest, then I kill his sister, then I kill every bandit in his hideout. So after doing the mission, he’s just sitting in there alone. Then I eat him. I hate the sh*t out of Jaree-Ra."

If you thought that was bad, another added, "In one of my very first playthroughs, I had Lucia and Sofie in Lakeview manor. A stormcloak patrol came by and somehow or another they attacked Lucia. I killed all of them. Every single one of them. Then I joined the imperials. And I continued to kill them.

"The stormcloaks lost an entire war because a single patrol hurt my daughter." Others loved this dark dilemma and said that while it reminds them of nearly every vengeance movie ever, it sounds like it's been pulled from the plot of John Wick

Just when you've read the most morbid questline out there, someone came and topped it off with the following: "When a giant or dragon is outside my house I tell my children to go outside and play." Wow, talk about earning the award for Parent of the Year.

What's Next For Skyrim?

The longevity of Skyrim has really led to some of you living out your morbid fantasies in Tamriel. Of course, the frequent re-releases and remasters mean Skyrim is never far from our minds. Only this year, Bethesda released the Skyrim Anniversary Edition, which added new Morrowind and Oblivion content, as well as fishing.

As for what comes next, we know The Elder Scrolls 6 is still a long way off. The purchase of Bethesda by Microsoft means that the next game will be released as an Xbox exclusive. Still, we don't imagine console and PC exclusivity will harm The Elder Scrolls 6's sales too much.

With a massive wait on our hands, we're heading back into Skyrim to torture some more helpless NPCs or send our kids outside to be barbecued by Alduin. 


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