Skyrim Player Kills Every Single NPC And Animal In-Game

Skyrim Player Kills Every Single NPC And Animal In-Game

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Jack Marsh


14th May 2021 14:25

I think every Skyrim player has, at one time or another, sent a whirlwind of abuse towards Brynjolf, trying to encapsulate our own version of Thu'um as he says "Sorry, lass. I've got important things to do. We'll speak another time". Bloody fool.

So it doesn't come as a surprise when sometimes we see players equip their Nightingale Bow, Daedric Armour, and Konahrik Dragon Priest mask to slay the Thieves Guild all because of Brynjolf's insolent arrogance. 

However, one player has gone above and beyond this, and killed every single NPC and animal in Tamriel. 

Reddit User "jaeinskyrim" managed to slay the entire population of Skyrim, with the final dagger going in the way of Jarl Belgrulf in front of his throne in Dragonsreach.

How did she kill every Skyrim character?

The user deployed a range of mods to the game which allowed every character to be vulnerable. Many characters in the land are immune from dying due to their involvement in quest lines, although the Kill Em All & Death Awaits Us All mods render all NPCs vulnerable.

Over her purging of Skyrim, Jae managed 2201 kills on characters and a further 2400 animals. According to the blood lustful bandit, the Graybeards gave her Dragonborn character the toughest fight, whilst the Salmon in the rivers also proved a menial task. 

Truth be told, one further NPC has survived though. The player did admit that they couldn't stomach taking the life of Paarthurnax, which is a just act. Divines bless your kind heart, Jae.

Taking to Reddit, a full album of the aftermath was shared, in which the destruction is evident.

What was her bounty?

Killing players in Skyrim, especially guards, ends up with a bounty placed on your head. Despite no single person being alive in the universe, Jae's bounty amassed to a whopping 454,413 gold coins. 

Unfortunately, the guards in the major holds do regenerate after roughly five days in-game, meaning that someone will surely be asking her to cough up the fine for genocide. However, it's unlikely she'll be taking a trip to Cidhna Mine any time soon. I wonder if her Guild status would allow the guards to overlook killing a whole generation of inhabitants. Discount for Brynjolf's head presented in a trophy case?

As for what's next for jaeinskyrim, a retreat to Winstead Manor may be in order, whipping up some Honnigbrew Mead and trying to forget the faces of horror that will haunt her soul gems forever.


Image via Bethesda Studios

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