Skyrim Player Discovers Dragon-Riding Giant

Skyrim Player Discovers Dragon-Riding Giant

Written by 

Tom Chapman


23rd Nov 2021 14:45

Hey, it's us again with another "Did you know this is in Skyrim?" piece. Even a decade after Bethesda opened the doors to Dragonsreach and asked us to step inside, players are still discovering new enemy types, hidden quests, and jaw-dropping Easter eggs out there in Tamriel. While we've seen plenty on our travels, we've got to admit that a dragon-riding giant is a new one.

By this point, the various glitches and bugs are as much a part of Skyrim as the Dragonborn. Over the years, these gremlins in the code have added some much-needed levity to the sometimes dark world of Skyrim. Despite the various upgrades and anniversary editions, the game's glitches have survived it all - with some even calling for Bethesda to purposefully add them to The Elder Scrolls 6

Where Is The Dragon-Riding Giant In Skyrim?

The r/Skyrim subreddit continues to be a hilarious goldmine, as redditor u/brodiebrobroseph showed off the bizarre sight of a giant riding a dragon. While happily pottering around with their bow in hand, the OP looked to the sky to see a giant riding the back of a dragon. The giant wasn't in a Daenerys Targaryen-inspired dragon-riding position, and instead, it's just stood there - blankly staring into the sky. 

With physics presumably not allowing for this to happen, we guess it is one of those infamous Skyrim glitches. Others took to the comments to share their own amazement. After all, it's not every day you see a giant riding a dragon in Tamriel. Here, we'd like to note there are other instances of giant riding dragons, we just haven't seen them for a while.

Most agreed they'd never seen anything like this before. One wrote, "I looked up and instantly thought “no fucking way” I love the new X year addition it’s got some funny bugs in it," while another added, "A giant and a dragon teaming up to finally defeat the Dragonborn." A third concluded, "A truly terrifying sight… imagine hearing AYARGARG coming over your head, looking up only to find a giant riding a dragon swooping down on you!"

What Other Absurd Skyrim Glitches Are There?

It's unclear what caused the dragon-riding glitch. It's true that people have seen giants step onto the back of a dragon with some unfortunate timing, but usually, they just tumble back off. Despite the devs packaging the new Skyrim Anniversary Edition as a brand-new beast, it's actually just a fancy update that adds some fishing to the mix.

We recently covered how the Anniversary Edition seemed to add a Headless Horseman-inspired enemy. Even though we're enjoying another trip around Skyrim, not everyone is impressed. The latest Skyrim patch threatens to axe all your favourite mods - while we're pretty sure there's a mod out there that would let giants ride dragons. 2021's Dragonborn DLC added the ability to ride dragons, but it's supposed to only apply to players. So, have the giants managed to evolve? Either way, a giant Dragonborn sounds like a formidable foe. 


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