Skyrim Has Added Rideable Torchbugs

Skyrim Has Added Rideable Torchbugs

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Tom Chapman


8th Dec 2021 11:40

Dragons? Riding dragons is SO Game of Thrones. There's a new mode of transport in Tamriel, and this time, it's Torchbugs that are giving the Dragonborn a ride across the realm.

In Skyrim, we've got used to travelling around on horseback, or if you added the Dragonborn DLC, soaring above your enemies on dragons. Some 10 years after we first unbound ourselves from Helgen, there's an unusual new way to get around.

Why Are Their Rideable Torchbugs in Skyrim?

There's already a mod where you can have an equippable Torchbug as a pet, but this latest is found in the vanilla (unmodded) version of the game. With the Skyrim Anniversary Edition pulling us back into the title, it's time for gamers to find a whole new way to play.

Posting on Reddit, u/DragonDragger proved that you can ride Torchbugs just like they're a horse or dragon. In the clip, the Dragonborn is seen buzzing around on the back of a Torchbug - which looks suitably hilarious.

Other fans were impressed by the glitch. One wrote, "I've ridden butterflies many times but never thought to try these dudes," while another joked, "And I WALKED all the way up to High Hrothgar." A third suggested, "You should get another torchbug so that you follower could ride one too."

Are There More Bug Glitches In Skyrim?

Even though bugs (as in insects) are tiny in Skyrim, they're known for causing massive problems. As the post reminds us, you can ride literally anything out there. It means it's true you could technically fly on the back of everything from a butterfly to a bee.

Unfortunately, this comes with its own problems. Someone on the OP wrote, "Fun fact, the reason why the cart to Helgen derails in comic fashion is because since all insects have collision, a fucking bee can spawn and push the cart around like it has the density of a fucking neutron star."

Then again, some have pointed out you've been able to fly on Torchbugs for much longer - just not all of us knew.

Rideable Torchbugs comes just after we found the bizarre glitch of a giant riding a dragon. A while back, we also covered how dragonflies were abducting NPCs in Skyrim. So yes, riding a Torchbug is all fun and games, but just wait until a moth kidnaps Lydia and whisks her off into the night.


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