Shroud has voiced his thoughts on the Shadowlands Expansion in World of Warcraft, and he's not impressed.

10:00, 25 Nov 2020

The gaming world has dusted down their World of Warcraft history books and plunged into the Massively Multiplayer Online Role Play Game (MMORPG) with the Shadowlands expansion pack that launched on November 23. 

Fifteen years after its original release, WoW has continued to attract huge streamers alongside the thousands of concurrent players, and the Shadowlands expansion pack has tempted the liked of Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek to join the grind too.

However, after confessing his awe towards the game, Shroud was vocal in his criticism of the current state of the game and its genre as a whole.

“I feel like MMO[RPG]'s and WoW, in general, have transcended into something completely different,” began Shroud, adding, “In the past, you played because you were immersed. You were levelling up your character. You were getting new items. It felt good to be more powerful and do better things.

“Now I feel like WoW is like play with friends and kill some s**t. That feeling of immersion and truly having an impact on the world and your character feeling there has kind of nullified.”


When comparing it to the rustic and original state, Shroud said, “When I played vanilla WoW in 2005, I was 11 years old, and it felt amazing. It felt incredible. It felt like I was in my own realm. I was in my own world. Now it doesn’t feel like that. That feeling is gone.”

It's important to note that Shroud's point of view is from a single-player perspective, vocalising the thoughts of players that like to roam realms in MMORPG on their own rather than with friends. 

The streamer also admits that now is a good of a time as ever to begin your journey in WoW, as the levelling system and the tutorial makes it perfect for newcomers. So, if you've never entered the World of Warcraft, now might be the perfect time to start, as long as you bring a friend too.



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Image via Activision Blizzard

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