Michael 'Shroud' Grzesiek has given his own unimpressed review of the PS5 and explained what his issue is with Sony's next-gen console.

15:03, 17 Nov 2020

As Microsoft and Sony head onto the virtual battlefield with their next-gen consoles, the war between the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 shows no signs of slowing down.

Gaming fanatics are getting their consoles out of their boxes and passing judgement, meaning YouTube, Twitch, and the rest of the internet is awash with review videos. Now, Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek has made his feelings clear and explained his issue with the PS5.

There's been a lot of buzz surrounding the PS5's new DualSense controller - which boasts adaptive triggers and haptic feedback. However, this futuristic new controller is Shroud's biggest gripe when it comes to the PS5. The former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player is no stranger to knowing his way around a keyboard and mouse setup, and it's exactly this that puts the Sony in his bad books.

Discussing his issue with the PS5 in his latest stream, Shroud explained, "I mean, if you're going to get a new console, get an Xbox if you want to use mouse and keyboard". Although his comments were only brief, the 26-year-old continued, "Unfortunately, PlayStation and Sony and stuff don’t really care which kind of makes me sad a little bit but that’s ok, it is what it is". 

Shroud was testing out 2018's acclaimed God of War on the PS5, however, it doesn't look like there's much love lost between the former Microsoft beau. Grzesiek picking Xbox over PlayStation also shouldn't come as any real surprise considering his ties to Microsoft. Even though Shroud is no longer contracted to the house Xbox built due to Mixer becoming part of Facebook Gaming and his return to Twitch, he's probably still a fan at heart. Let's remember he was also part of the Xbox Series X's promo campaign. 

Keeping the arugment going, Shroud also took to Twitter to ask if anyone knew of any ways to configure a keyboard and mouse to the PS5. Even though he acknowledged that his favourite games including God of WarThe Last of Us, and Demon's Souls don't support M+K, that didn't stop him moaning about the PS5. 


Earlier this year, Shroud caused a fuss when he said the following about the PS5:  "Ratchet and Clank was kind of cool…The look of the PlayStation is eh, it is okay; it looks like a router.” He further went on to add, “I am just concerned, it looks pretty small. So, I don’t think it’s going to be that good of a console spec-wise".

When pushed on how the Xbox Series X would be better than the PS5, he simply said, "Oh, it will be. I just don’t know how much better". Having more storage and packing more grunt than the PS5 has sparked debate on whether the Xbox Series X is the superior console, but ultimately, it's a matter of preference. It's just like Shroud might prefer the keyboard and mouse configuration of the Xbox Series X. 


Despite Shroud being one of the most influential gamers out there right now, his views on the PS5 haven't stopped it flying off shelves. Both the Xbox Series X and PS5 have been out of stock as soon as they've come back in, while Microsoft has confirmed it will struggle to keep up with demand until April 2021.



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