Shroud Claims Fortnite Is Better Than Apex Legends For One Reason

Shroud Claims Fortnite Is Better Than Apex Legends For One Reason
Shroud | Epic Games

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Jack Marsh


9th Aug 2021 17:30

As one of the best multi-game content creators in the world, Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek's opinion is normally held in high regard, even when it's quite a hot take.

Typical to his nature, Shroud has now made a very bold claim. Having played every battle royale, extensively, the Twitch streamer has confirmed which one he thinks is 'number one", and it's not his beloved Apex Legends or the 2020 phenomenon Warzone.

Shroud Labels Fortnite As The Best Competitive Battle Royale 

According to Shroud, the "number one" battle royale is Fortnite.

Speaking on a recent YouTube upload, Shroud said "In Fortnite, you can build, and that's why Fortnite is a very good battle royale because it really is just you and your opponents,

"Fortnite is amazing for that, because you, yourself as a player, can get yourself out of those sticky situations."

He concluded: "To me, Fortnite’s number one. It’s unique. And Apex Legends is number two. That’s if we’re talking competitive gameplay."

As to why Apex Legends wasn't his top choice, despite the recent influx of streamers taking to the game, Shroud explained it was because of the nature of the game, inviting so many third party fights.

“That’s the worst aspect of any battle royale… you’re fighting, and poking, poking, then you just get railed from the side,” he said.

Although he claimed Fortnite was number one, the streamer will likely continue dabbling in Apex, over Fortnite, as he admitted he was not "good at all" at the latter.

Instead, just like Nick "NICKMERCS" Kolcheff and Jack "CouRage" Dunlop, he appears to have the knack of Apex Legends, and the Outlands will continue to be his chosen battlegrounds, for now.


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