Astra's spectral form is looking like an early cause for concern.

13:41, 02 Mar 2021

The VALORANT agent pool is set for one of the largest shake-ups yet, with the arrival of the devious and misleading Astra. The Ghanaian native "harnesses the energies of the cosmos to reshape battlefields to her whim", being able to transform into a spectral essence to use foresight and locate the position of foes.

However, with the powers showcased in the early glimpses of gameplay, aspects of Astra's toolkit has already caught the attention of the high-profile VALORANT players who have seemingly spotted cause for concern.

Former Counter-Strike Global Offensive (CS:GO) professional and now gargantuan content creator Michael "Shroud" Grzesiek has taken to Twitch to express his concerns over Astra and call for her to be nerfed before release.

Shroud believes “If Astra truly comes out tomorrow, she’s going to be so busted. If Astra comes out in this current state tomorrow, no changes at all; she’s going to be busted".

Diving into the details, he explained that one of the main problems he has is the fact that she can see where the spike is, and subsequently, plan pushes accordingly. He continued to say “I actually don’t think she’s that broken. I just think that certain aspects about her need a little bit of a tweak. Like, for one, you shouldn’t see the spike in your astral form. Just get rid of that completely. Don’t allow any Astra to see where the spike is. That really sucks".


Despite this one overpowering ability, Astra certainly looks well-equipped to be a menace on the map. With an effective cloaked ability combined with a crucial element of recon, Astra's arrival will have many control players licking their lips.



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Image via Riot Games | Shroud | Twitch

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