From annoying campers to impossible gas circles, Stadium has become the most annoying area on the map.

15:30, 21 Jun 2020

If you ask any Call of Duty: Warzone player what their least favourite location in Verdansk is, you might hear a similar answer throughout. By far the most frustrating location on the Warzone map is Stadium, which is situated on the far eastern corner of the map. While it does look cool from above and on the ground, there is simply no use for it in its current state. So, should Infinity Ward adjust the way Stadium operates?

Looking at ways of improving Stadium.

Avid Warzone players will know Stadium thanks to its frustrating mechanics. Though it’s huge in size and does feature an inside, you can’t actually open the doors of Stadium. Also, there’s no way to get up to the roof of the structure unless you physically land on top of it. 

Thanks to this mechanic, many players will land on Stadium’s roof at the beginning of a match or when returning from the Gulag. It’s near impossible to get these players off the roof since you can’t see them from the ground, especially if they’re prone. 

While the roof campers most likely won’t have any useful weapons, sometimes that doesn’t matter. In this clip from professional Call of Duty player Maux, we can see that the players on top of Stadium can win games without moving their joystick or W key. 

Clearly frustrating, the community has been calling on Infinity Ward to fix this issue for months. Some are hoping for the developers to open Stadium’s doors up, which has been recently leaked. While this news isn’t official by any means, the leak does come from a few reliable sources. So, though we can’t confirm the possibility of Stadium opening up, we can speculate as to why Infinity Ward would do this. 

For starters, there have been rumours of a nuke going off in Verdansk for some time. The underground bunkers have been discovered and players are starting to put the pieces together. In bunker 11 you can clearly see an atomic bomb after interacting with the interface within its depths. This nuke had been rumoured to blow up the Dam, however, after research into Verdansk, we may have found its true destination.

Verdansk is actually based upon the real-life Shakhtar Donetsk stadium, the Donbass Arena. This has been well documented, and the appearances are very similar. However, in 2014, the Donbass arena was hit with a series of bombs and shelling, causing mass damages to the stadium. The bombs were as a result of the Ukrainian government and Pro-Russian separatists’ ongoing tensions, in which Donetsk was shelled on multiple occasions.


Replace the Ukrainian Government with Captain Price’s Task Force 141 and the Pro-Russian Separatists with the Al-Qatala forces, and we could definitely see the nuke becoming a destructive force for the stadium, leaving it accessible in Warzone.

But what are they waiting for? 

They could have been waiting for the European Championships, one of the largest international football tournaments in the world, which would have begun just days after Modern Warfare Season 4 was announced. Such as Fortnite’s football (soccer) themed skins and emotes being released to coincide with the 2018 World Cup, Activision could have been waiting for a major tournament to rack up their microtransactions, we all know what they’re like. 

In any case, hopefully, Infinity Ward has a solution to deal with those pesky campers who sit on top of Stadium in Warzone. 

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