The pros and cons of Evo Shields explained

21:00, 11 Mar 2020

Evo Shields arrived in Apex Legends as a part of the System Override event. They work a little differently than regular shields in that you gain more shield bars the more damage you deal. You start off with one shield bar of health, then if you deal 100 damage, you gain a second bar. This goes on until you max out at five shield bars, which is one higher than gold shields possess.

The new feature has been a bit controversial though, as some feel they’re not worth picking up over regular shields. So, should Respawn tweak the Evo Shields and make them permanent in Apex Legends?

What Needs To Be Changed With Evo Shields

In most fan’s minds, Evo Shields require a serious rework for them to be a viable addition to Apex Legends. In their current state, Evo Shields simply aren’t worth equipping over a regular shield. After all, you could easily lose a gunfight because you have one less shield bar. However, the only reason you got into that gunfight was to deal damage and increase your shield bars.

One simple fix that most fans agree with is lessening the damage needed for each shield bar increase. This way you can gain those shield bars a lot quicker, justifying the reasoning behind equipping an Evo Shield. However, this still makes it so you’re solely relying on damage output to increase your health.


Another rework that fans would like to see is giving the Evo Shields additional ways to earn shield bars. Perhaps with each zone you survive, you earn one shield bar until you max out at 5. This gives you an incentive to pick up the Evo Shield and also doesn’t make you rely on finding enemies to deal damage to.

Evo Shields could be a fantastic addition to Apex Legends. They reward aggressive players and offer more variety in the way you manage your health. However, Respawn should consider reworking some of the mechanics that the Evo Shields currently employ. If the developers were to make some changes, we feel that Evo Shields should come to the standard playlists of Apex Legends.

Images via Respawn Entertainment.

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