Following the inclusion of domination in the rotation, why is it in there & should it be swapped out?

18:00, 12 Feb 2020

So far, the Call of Duty League has been relatively successful, peaking at over 111,000 viewers at CDL London. However, the players and viewers have voiced some concerns about the current format of the league. One of the chief concerns over the course of the year has been the inclusion of Domination in the game mode rotation. So, the question remains, should Domination remain in the rotation or be swapped out for something else?

Weighing the pros and cons of Domination 

If you ask most fans and players, they would say that Domination needs to be removed from the game mode rotation. Overall, Domination is somewhat boring and difficult to watch for the casual viewer. 

However, players have also been practising Domination as the third game mode since Modern Warfare’s release. So, implementing a new mode would set the league back a few months in terms of practice. 

The only other mode that could possibly replace Domination is Capture The Flag, which has been played competitively before by a majority of professionals. So, the setback wouldn’t be as severe as with another mode. 


In terms of the viewers, a mode besides Domination would greatly improve the viewing experience. Current players, analysts, and fans alike have complained about the mode as a whole. For one, sometimes it becomes mathematically impossible for a team to win at halftime. This makes the next five minutes pointless to watch. 

Although, when a Domination match is highly competitive it can be enjoyable to watch. However, the problem is that a match is rarely competitive enough to become fun to view and/or play. 

It’s unlikely that Activision would make a change this far into the CDL. Though, the community as a whole would certainly like to see a swap for Capture The Flag. 


Images via Activision. 

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