Another major footballer has entered the world of esports as Sergio Aguero founds KRÜ Esports.

13:44, 16 Oct 2020

Football favourite Sergio Aguero has stepped out into the pitch once again and onto the wide world of esports with his own esports team. Following in the footsteps of David Beckham, Aguero is also dipping his toe into esports with a brand new team. The Manchester City striker's KRÜ Esports has been incorporated in Argentina and Barcelona, with Aguero being named CEO and founder.

KRÜ Esports comes after the four-time Premier League champion became a prominent Twitch streamer. 2020 has been a big year for esports as the coronavirus pandemic pushed us off the grass pitch and onto the virtual one. As well F1 and Fall Guys, Aguero is (unsurprisingly) a dab hand at FIFA on his Twitch channel, slakun10. 


What is KRÜ Esports?

The KRÜ Esports announcement on its own Twitter featured Aguero prominently. By the looks of it, the main titles the team will be playing in are FIFA, Rocket League, and League of Legends.

The organisation released the following statement: "A new bet in the world of esports begins with KRÜ, an organisation founded by Sergio Agüero with the aim of bringing his experience in the world of traditional professional sports to the universe of electronic sports and new digital media.

"With KRÜ we aspire to form a work family passionate about video games, not only with our players and content creators, but with all the staff and the community that we will build. We want to add to the esports scene with our imprint. Not only from the professional, sports and commercial aspects but also in destigmatizing the socio-cultural vision that is usually had in relation to video games.

"With a company incorporated in Argentina and another in Barcelona, KRÜ will seek to be a bridge between the different regions, motivating to have no ceiling in terms of the goals that each one sets for himself". 

KRU Esports Sergio Aguero

When did Sergio Aguero move into esports?

Aguero has already proved to be a savvy streamer thanks to the popularity of him phoning some of his famous football pals during streams. A highlight was him getting Lionel Messi on the phone during a live stream. Elsewhere, the footballer took part in May's Formula 1 Esports Virtual Spanish Grand Prix, where he represented Aston Martin Red Bull Racing alongside Red Bull Racing F1 driver, Alex Albon. 

Alongside Beckham and Aguero, other footballers who've taken to esports are Chelsea's Cesar Azpilicueta and Tottenham Hotspurs' Gareth Bale. All have now announced their own esports ventures to take their talents off the pitch and into the esports industry.

It's easy to see why after EA SPORTS confirmed fans have watched over 12 billion minutes of FIFA 20 content since it launched. That's the equivalent of a whopping 133 million standard football matches. Importantly, it's a 260% growth year-on-year. Aguero promised that KRÜ Esports will be self-funded and all profits will be invested back into the team.


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