The lingering spirit of Lunatic Hai has left Seoul Dynasty.

09:43, 27 Nov 2020

The Seoul Dynasty and Jin-mo "tobi" Yang have parted ways. The main support had been with the Seoul Dynasty since its inception and was the last remaining member of the season 1 roster that the South Korean team had started with. In a statement on his own Twitter account, tobi has shared that he is looking forward to continuing his playing career.

Initially starting out in Lunatic Hai, tobi grew into one of the best main supports in Overwatch. Winning back to back seasons of OGN's APEX in the second and third season, the team was picked up as a whole and joined the Seoul Dynasty in season 1. Despite going into the season as one of the favourites, the Seoul Dynasty couldn't deliver upon their expectations, finishing outside of playoff range. Season 2 remained similarly unimpressive from the Dynasty, though finishing at least in playoff range during the regular season but falling short to the Spark in the playoffs. Continuously, members of the initial Lunatic Hai roster would part ways with the team until tobi was the last player left. In season 3, still with tobi in the main support role displacing Sung-jun "SLIME" Kim, the team had their highest season finish, managing to reach the Grand Finals and only having to bow out against the San Francisco Shock. Throughout the season, tobi maintained a high level of play and it may therefore come as a surprise to Seoul Dynasty fans that the player has departed from the team.

Due to downsizing in the overall roster size that most Overwatch League teams are willing to bring on this season, it is unlikely that a team with sitting main support will require the efforts of tobi and are looking to double up. The silver lining for tobi may be the new contract structures, which allows Overwatch teams to negotiate a clause by which they can much more quickly replace players, allowing slots to open up for tobi more quickly.

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Image via Blizzard Entertainment

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