One streamer has cracked open the secret Fortnite Spawn Island vault and revealed what's hiding in the Avengers helicarrier.

10:46, 10 Sep 2020

You can 'Marvel' in all its glory

While we're right in the middle of the Marvel-themed Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4, players are taking time out from swinging their hammer as Thor, electrifying the skies as Storm, and planting roots as Groot to explore the wider map. Although Epic Games is keen to emphasise that there's more than just a comic book crossover going on in the latest season, we can't get enough of the slew of Marvel content.

Now, streamer Ali-A has discovered how to get inside the secret Fortnite Spawn Island vault and broken it open to loot what's behind the door. With the S.H.I.E.L.D. helicarrier being a base of operations for the Avengers in the comics and the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it makes sense that Season 4 introduced it as its own HQ.

Players have been left locked out in the cold by a giant metal door - wondering what marvellous Marvel artefacts are hiding within. If only we had Magneto in-game to rip it off its hinges.


Until now, we've been speculating what's inside the vault, and by the looks of it, it might've not been worth the wait. Ali-A shows how he got inside, but stops short of explaining how you can actually do it yourself. It started when Ali-A glitched through the invisible wall at the side of the map using a boat. He built a ramp and drove the boat up, which allowed him to land on the Helicarrier. When it comes to getting inside the vault, he blurred it out on his stream, meaning we don't know how to pull off this feat of ingenuity. 

However, the million dollar question of what's inside the secret Fortnite Spawn Island vault might leave you a little underwhelmed. Ali-A confirmed that there's nothing behind the giant door. Well, not yet. If an area of a game isn't supposed to be accessed, it makes sense that developers won't waste memory populating it.

That being said, as the various updates continue to add even more to the map, we're expecting Epic to eventually crack open the vault for some sort of late-stage reveal. Imagine if there's a secret Avengers skin inside, or (dare we say it), an Infinity Gauntlet to take on Galactus.

Fortnite Helicarrier Vault

Only recently, we covered how you could pick up Fortnite's rarest gun outside Doctor Doom's vault in Doom's Domain. You didn't have to break inside the Doc's vault, but taking out the henchmen standing guard would reward you with the invaluable purple LMG. Either way, it's clear is that Season 4 is continuing to ramp up the Marvel action.

The various rift beacons have continued to pump out new POI's, with the Collector's Museum being the latest tourist attraction you need to visit. For the time being though, the secret Fortnite Spawn Island vault is just an empty space of shattered dreams.

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Images via Epic Games | Ali-A Youtube

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