YouTuber Alastair 'Ali-A' Aiken thinks he's found a secret Fortnite Galactus event that could cue up the future of Epic Games battle royale favourite.

13:26, 17 Nov 2020

The end is nigh when it comes to the Marvel-themed Fortnite Chapter 2 Season 4, and with this in mind, it looks Epic Games is preparing to deliver an "epic" showstopper that will finally reveal what everything's been about. Long before Season 4 even kicked-off, we were teased a jam-packed season of comic book capers when Thor's hammer landed on the map.

Thor was followed by a whole host of Marvel heroes and villains as Galactus loomed closer in the skies above. Rifts have appeared, familiar Marvel locations have landed on the map, and Tony Stark has been tweaking the Battle Bus for interdimensional travel. Now, Galactus is getting ready to make his move and presumably unite Earth's Mightiest Heroes and Fortnite players against a common cause.

While Chapter 4 launched with eight faces from the pages of Marvel comics, they've since been joined by everyone from Black Panther to Blade and Black Widow - with more still to come thanks to Venom being on the horizon. Of course, players have been wondering what it's been leading to. Thankfully, a secret Fortnite Galactus event is set to bring everything to its own Avengers: Endgame-inspired conclusion. 


Secret Fortnite Galactus Event: What is it? 

Despite Epic suffering some major losses in terms of pro players dropping away from its battle royale giant, there are still plenty of big names who continue to play Fortnite. Among the most prominent in Fortnite fandom is Alastair "Ali-A" Aiken, who thinks he's figured out Galactus' plan. Posting on YouTube, Ali-A pointed out a mysterious light shining in the distance, which he thinks is Galactus' secret lair.


Highlighting this potential Easter egg, Ali-A explained, "It's going to be crazy. Another thing to note - you see that light there off in the distance, I first noticed that when I jumped on next-gen version of Fortnite. That light is super obvious we don't know what it is right now, but could play a huge part in the live event or some part of the story keep an eye on it. I'm definitely going to.

"I'll give you more of an update on Galactus as we find out more information because whatever's gonna happen it's gonna be big and it's gonna be huge. It could be nothing, but with Galactus just around the corner and whispers of big changes coming to the map, we should keep our eye on this one". 


What's next for Fortnite?


Interestingly, the end of Season 4 and start of Season 5 might be linked to Donald Mustard's hints that Fortnite could be about to change forever. Epic Games' Worldwide Creative Director has previously confirmed the Zero Point event that was at the centre of Season X's "The End" was what brought Galactus to this dimension.

Added to this, Mustard also said Season 4 is only the start of "many years" of Marvel collaborations. It's a leap, but who's to say Season 5 won't be a direct continuation of Season 4? A huge two-season arc would definitely be an unexpected twist to the tale. 


It's a nice idea that Galactus could somehow destroy the current map and bring back the beloved Chapter 1 map, however, it would seem strange to do so just four seasons into an expected 10-season arc. 

Ultimately, Chapter 2 Season 4 is expected to conclude on November 30, meaning there is just a matter of days until we find out what Galactus is planning and whether players can defeat this Marvel menace or are doomed to bend to his will. 


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