Secret Elden Ring Bear Boss Discovered In Network Test

Secret Elden Ring Bear Boss Discovered In Network Test
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22nd Nov 2021 14:17

If you go down into the Elden Ring network test, you're sure of a big surprise. Trust us, it's no teddybear's picnic in the Land Between, with players finding a brand-new enemy type. As well as battling zombie dogs, giant crabs, and (obviously) dragons, how about an aggressive Yogi Bear to do battle with?

The soulslike genre continues to boom, with FromSoftware's Souls series showing how it's done. Elden Ring is already tipped to be one of 2022's biggest games, but ahead of its February release, we got time for a little try before you buy. The Elden Ring network test limited the boundaries of where you could go, but apparently, breaking the demo let you find a treasure trove of hidden goodies.

Elden Ring Bear Boss: Where To Find It?

To find the secret Elden Ring bear boss, it involves some covert sneaking to bypass the parameters of the network test. According to Kotaku, some players managed to break through the boundaries. It wasn't a flawless experience, with much of this unexplored area being empty or tossing you into a void of emptiness. Still, a few managed to come across a ferocious bear boss that hasn't been seen before.

Several videos have emerged online, with players breaking the network test and coming across the giant bear. A bit like Winnie the Pooh if he'd been hitting the gym, the bear boss inflicted both bleed and poison effects - making it quite the formidable foe. Still, let's remember someone has found an easy way to defeat Elden Ring bosses.

The footage has gone viral thanks to OP AllysonByProxy. Others responded to going out of bounds and shared their won thoughts. One added, "I went out of bounds in the test myself. Most fun I had in years. Extra special cause we will never be able to do that again," while another said, "Makes the Bear Boss from the Metro series look like a cub." Sadly, the Elden Ring network test has come to an end, so we'll have to wait for the game's release to meet this grizzly enemy.

What Else Appeared In The Broken Elden Ring Network Test?

Out there in the unknown, there were several other big talking points to track down. Notably, there was a new boss called Crucible Knight Floh. Similar to the main network test, Crucible Knight Floh spawned like Bloodhound Knight Darriwil and transported you to the pocket dimension of Evergaol. You only get a quick flash of Crucible Knight Floh, but they look like a badass.

Finally, players rightly went on the hunt for Alexander. This adorable NPC was the highlight of the first Elden Ring gameplay. Although gamers were able to track down where this pleasant pot should be, his usual resting place remained unmanned. We guess he's out for a stroll ahead of the game's full release. 

Even if the network test kept us largely confined to a small area, it's clear to see the comparisons between Elden Ring and Nintendo's The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild - albeit a much darker version. Like any playtest, there are a few kinks to iron out, but either way, Elden Ring and its secret bear boss look like one to watch next year.


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