The mysterious secret door has now been cracked open revealing a tasty bounty.

07:45, 28 Nov 2020

Demon's Souls 2020 is less than a week old in terms of its worldwide release and has quickly transcended to be one of the most popular games of the year. It currently sits as the highest-rated game on the PlayStation 5 and has been described as a "breathtakingly gorgeous" remake of its original by IGN. 

When compared to its predecessor, the game has significantly improved visuals, graphics, and movement, without sacrificing any of the fundamental core values of the game.

However, upon playing the game, many found that the items had been updated and differed from the originals, leaving some longing for their regular tried and tested armour and weapons. 

Players also noticed a secret door that was able to be unlocked which was never in the original game. After days of trying to crack the door and find what is stored behind it, one popular streamer was able to get his hands on some just rewards.

"Distortion2", infamous for speedrunning on Dark Souls, found that in order to access the secret door a player will need to secure a "Rusted key". This can be acquired from a merchant known as "Sparkly the Crow", costing approximately 26 coins. After gaining the key, Distortion2 managed to creak open the door, unveiling a beatufuiful outside landscape, which boasted a set of "Penetrator" gear.


The Penetrator gear is rife from the original series as one of the sets that were thought to have been left out of the remaster. It will grant you access to a full set of Penetrator armour, which is one of the most sought-after sets in the game.

Should you need the armour for yourself, make sure you have available slots in your inventory, as Distortion had to clear quite a bit before adding the helm and breastplate that transformed him into a mysterious and brutal dark knight.



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Image via Bluepoint Games

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