The rewards for Season 14 competitive mode have been revealed, alongside an extension of Rocket Pass 6.

18:53, 02 Jul 2020

The Season 14 rewards have been revealed, with an extension to both the season and the Rocket Pass 6.

The date has yet to be determined but will coincide with the update that is due later in July which will see changes to the ranking system, especially in Grand Champion.

The rewards for Season 14 are brand new Player Banners and Avatar Borders, of which you can see below

Rocket League Season 14 Rewards
Rocket League Season 14 Rewards

As per usual, you will receive the maximum reward you have earnt within Season 14, and each of the rewards below that, for example, if you finished in Gold, you will receive the Gold rewards plus the Silver and Bronze. 

Furthermore, Grand Champions will also receive in-game titles on top of the rewards. These are as follows:

  • Competitive Grand Champion - 'Season 14 - Grand Champion'
  • Rumble Grand Champion - 'Season 14 - RNG Champ'
  • Dropshot Grand Champion - 'Season 14 - Floor Destroyer'
  • Hoops Grand Champion - 'Season 14 - Dunk Master'
  • Snow Day Grand Champion - 'Season 14 - Blizzard Wizzard'

With the extension, this gives you more time to get on that grind and get your highest reward.

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Image via Rocket League Official Site

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