He's demanding answers.

15:12, 10 Aug 2020

With players looking ahead at Overwatch 2, former Overwatch League pro Brandon "Seagull" Larned has clapped back at Blizzard Entertainment for a lack of updates on the upcoming game. Blizzard has built Overwatch into something huge, and after years of leaks and rumours, fans now know a second game is actually on the way.

Despite there being no concrete release date for Overwatch 2 we know there will be new characters, maps, and a unique story mode. These small snippets aren't enough for some, with Seagull demanding more from the developer. Nearly a year after Overwatch 2 was officially revealed at BlizzCon, Seagull has claimed Blizzard is killing its player base by not making good with new details.


In the nine months since BlizzCon 2019, there's also been the announcement and release of VALORANT - which is big competition for Overwatch. There has been the hyped return of the Summer Games Event and a reworked version of Lucioball, but Seagull has accused Blizzard of neglecting its flagship franchise.

Speaking during his podcast, Seagull said, "How is it acceptable as a live service game to be on our fifth summer of Lucioball in a row? How is that acceptable? How is it acceptable that we repeat the same seasonal events…[and] our game has almost no content compared to any other game.

"I’m not talking about just gameplay, but Overwatch 2 better get their sh*t together. It is a joke that other games can drop content on a seasonal basis, and we’re sitting here like ‘man we only get three heroes this year.’ Valorant is like ‘yeah we get a new hero every two months, we have seasons, we have a battle pass, we have quests and lore.’ Where are we [in Overwatch]?"



Discussing complaints about the buggy PvP play of Overwatch, Seagull added, "They’re making a PvE game right now. Do we even expect them to continue with seasonal content for Overwatch 2? Will there be any content? We don’t know their content schedule plans. Will there be PvE raids, loot progression, hard content, easy content, campaign ⁠— we know literally nothing, and I find that to be so ridiculous for a franchise of this size that I don’t know if Overwatch 2 is closer to Destiny or Borderlands". 

Seagull is right in some respects, but it's also important to remember Overwatch isn't the only egg in Blizzard's basket. Yes, it's great that VALORANT is rolling out a new Agent every couple of months, but it has also means players have come to expect it. Seagull might be frustrated by five years of Lucioball, but is popping off in public really going to make Blizzard hurry things up?

That being said, Seagull is closer than most to Overwatch and has raised some valid concerns that Blizzard has already sacrificed PvP to shift focus onto Overwatch 2. With PvE clearly being a push in the next game, does this mean Overwatch's PvP staple is doomed? For now, we're left at the mercy of Blizzard until we find out what's really going on under the hood of Overwatch 2

Images via Blizzard Entertainment

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