The King of CoD has hinted to his stream that a CDL pause feature will be implemented next season.

14:20, 20 Oct 2020

Whilst the world of gaming thrived in 2020, the Call of Duty league suffered on and off the game, with the transition online causing a huge ruckus. Whether it was financial implications or the sheer lack of enjoyment due to no live events, what was a promising year for the newly-formed franchise league quickly turned into a bumpy ride.

One area which caused an uproar in the community was the lack of response to connection issues when switching to online. Players would often struggle on servers that spanned across the United States, with many lagging uncontrollably and even being booted offline. 

During the CDL World Championships, OpTic Gaming's Kenny "Kuavo" Williams was lifted from the game, leaving OpTic to face Los Angeles Guerrillas with a man down. Due to a league ruling which stated that a restart wouldn't occur unless there were less than 150 points on the scoreboard and the sides were within a 50 point deficit, then they will be forced to continue the game 4v5. This ruling was ridiculed by the fans and players alike, as this was just one of many instances that saw maps fall to teams that would have likely been able to take the victory.

This is where the pause function comes in to play. In Black Ops 4, and other esports such as League of Legends, the developers have implemented a pause feature which allows the referees to halt the game should someone be facing problems or if someone is booted from the lobby. 

Well, with just one month until the next instalment of Call of Duty - Black Ops Cold War - the king of COD has revealed to his stream that a pause feature is being made.

Seth "Scump" Abner stated to his stream that "apparently they are working on a pause feature as well, so, hopefully the pause feature is good".


A pause feature would undoubtedly allow for a smoother experience for the professionals, especially with the league staying online in 2021.



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