Rogue Company Ranked Play Confirmed

Rogue Company Ranked Play Confirmed

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Jack Marsh


26th Oct 2020 16:24

The moment Rogues around the world have been waiting for. Rogue Company developer, Scott Lussier, has confirmed that Ranked Play is coming in the next update.

Players will soon be able to jump into queues with their teammates and push their skills to the limit in Hi-Rez Studio's newest 4v4 tactical shooter.

Lussier, the former Halo esports professional and now current Rogue Company Lead Designer, has announced on Twitter that "Ranked Beta is going LIVE in our next release".

Lussier explains that the ranked beta will be exclusive to the game mode Demolition, and will pit evenly matched teams against each other, with a progressive ladder for players to work towards. He does indicate that in the future, a ranked playlist could become available on other game modes if the demand is high enough, such as extraction.

Starting in Bronze, three are a total of 30 levels to grind through, split into seven categories, with the elite players achieving the "Rogue" rank.

The ranked beta will also include two achievable rewards. By completing 30 ranked matches you will receive an exclusive banner, and "Rogue" ranked players will earn an emblem to add swagger to their skill.

The Lead Designer added that "we are also looking at ways to improve the system, through ways such as adding a band phase or adding more reports" indicating that Rogue Company Ranked Play could have phase before the game where players can ban certain Rogues or Weapons, akin to Hi-Rez's other main title, Smite.

As the now free-to-play game has finally taken its first step towards esports, the ranked beta will look to be added in November. 


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Image via Hi-Rez Studios

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