Rogue Company Leak Reveals Three New Potential Characters

Rogue Company Leak Reveals Three New Potential Characters

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Tom Chapman


7th Aug 2020 14:16

Hi-Rez Studios' Rogue Company is already tipped to be big competition for the likes of VALORANT and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and if that wasn't enough, it only just out. Ahead of the game showing off an impressive roadmap for the rest of 2020, fresh leaks claim to have revealed three brand new characters who are set to join the fray. 

While hardcore fans have been getting to grips with Rogue Company for some time, the game has officially entered early access on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. The premises is a 4v4 game where you're dropped into a match as one of a playable roster of Rogues. At the moment, the modes are Extraction (where you fight over a random control point, Strikeout (a casual variant with respawns, and Demolition (where attackers plant a bomb and defenders attempt to diffuse). There's also the 2v2 Wingman.

Much like VALORANT, each Rogue comes with its own backstory and unique set of abilities, meaning the addition of another three is a pretty hefty perk. Despite Rogue Company's freshman status, data miners have been digging up any information they can about what's next. 


Twitter user RogueHQ revealed Dahlia, Fixer, and Bulwark. Dahlia is the most complete and reportedly went under the name Netanya. There's also two work-in-progress Rogues called Fixer and Bulwark. Apart from rough textures and the fact they're one man and one woman, there's nothing else to go on.

Hi-Rez is known for its work on SMITE, Paladins, and Realm Royale, however, its titles are usually overshadowed by more mainstream alternatives. Rogue Company could change all that by hitting the big time. Elsewhere, Phase 3 is rumoured to include a ping system. Even though Rogue Company isn't a typical battle royale game, the addition of a ping system will alert your teammates to where important items are. 


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There are currently 12 Rogues that are playable, so to add another 1/4 of these over the next few months shows Hi-Rez's commitment to developing the title. Only recently, designer Scott Lussier promised to give the underdeveloped Vy a serious buff.

Rogue Company's three-phase plan will start in the next couple of weeks and include a new map called Vice. Phase 2 is set to introduce a new Rogue, and with Dahlia looking the most complete, it's likely she'll be making her mark next. Whatever is coming next for Rogue Company, this is definitely one to watch.

Images via Hi-Rez Studios

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