Rogue Company Is Now Officially Free To Play

Rogue Company Is Now Officially Free To Play

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Jack Marsh


1st Oct 2020 13:00

After Rogue Company's closed beta amassed a whopping two million players worldwide, Hi-Rez Studios has officially released the game as free to play. 

From today, players can enjoy Rogue Company across all platforms free of charge, and can even play with friends on other consoles, as cross-progression and cross-save has been added. Any previous players who have purchased or unlocked skins, rogues, and other cosmetics will be able to carry these over and continue to use them across multiple platforms.

Head Game Designer and former Halo World Champion, Scott Lussier, has stated in a press release that "whether playing on Switch, PC, PS4 or Xbox One, gamers will enjoy the same intense third-person action at a minimum 60 fps”.

In celebration of the launch, a new rogue has been added too. Dahlia has been added to make a total of thirteen rogues in total, all of whom differ with unique arsenals and abilities, offering a divergent feel to each playable character. She joins the list as a well-rounded support character that excels in team-play, with abilities that directly impact another member of the squad. 

Rogue Company Dahlia
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Chris Larson, Rogue Company's Executive Producer has described the beta release as a huge success, as it became Hi-Rez studios most played beta ever. He stated "From July’s early access launch we’ve gathered a huge community of over 2 million cross-platform gunslingers.

"Their invaluable feedback has ensured the game keeps getting better and better. By making the game free and delivering an ever-growing roster of mercenaries, game modes, weapons and gadgets we’re incredibly excited for many more players to join us in Rogue Company”.

in addition to the free to play launch, Rogue Company will be releasing their 100 Thieves collaboration, including four outfits for selected rogues, two weapon wraps, a spray, and a wingsuit usable by anyone. All DLC cosmetics are for show, with no additional play to win values.

Rogue Company 100 Thieves
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The open beta is now live and can be downloaded from your console store or via the Epic Games store.


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Image via Hi-Rez Studios

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