Rogue Company: How Lancer Swiftly Became The Best Rogue

Rogue Company: How Lancer Swiftly Became The Best Rogue

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Jack Marsh


29th Jul 2020 18:00

Rogue Company features 12 complexed characters, called Rogue, all with different abilities and weapons. As the closed beta becomes experimented with, you'll seldom come across a game without one key rogue: Lancer. A perfectly balanced sharpshooter mixed with aggressive abilities that compliment her arson, Lancer has swiftly progressed to the best rogue in Rogue Company. Here's why and how you should be using the silent huntress.

Lancer's Weapons

Lancer has two weapons, the 245 submachine gun and a Striker 8x10 shotgun. The 245 is where Lancer excels, with few people electing for the shotgun. The submachine gun is arguably the best weapon on Rogue Company, with only the likes of Phantom's sniper rivalling it, but certainly the best gun up close. It deals 15 body damage per bullet, meaning it takes just seven body shots to get a kill, and it also has an insane fire rate with little recoil (pro tip: when up close, make sure you're hip-firing as this allows for good accuracy and movement skills. Aiming is slightly more accurate but you will struggle to strafe in Rogue Company). With a 24 round clip and a huge headshot multiplier, Lancers 245 shreds in close proximity, especially when the gun is upgraded to maximum. 

The Upgrades are:

  • Increases hip-fire accuracy
  • Increases damage range
  • Increases magazine size

Lancer also comes equipped with a smoke grenade and a semtex, which are much more useful than you may think. The Smoke Grenade is perfect for closing off angles of sight, and whilst she pops her ability she can silently flank into enemy spawns without being noticed. If she is spotted then a Semtex can quickly cover her paths making sure that nobody can follow her. The arson that she wields compliments her playstyle perfectly, this is not a Rogue that you will want as an enemy.

Rogue Company: How Lancer Swiftly Became The Best Rogue
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Rogue Company: How Lancer Swiftly Became The Best Rogue | Image via Hirez Studios

Lancer's Abilities

When it comes to Lancer's abilities, there are not many rogues whose passive is so powerful. Activating a roll will instantly reload the weapon she is holding, which is incredible for close gunfights. Stuck in a 1v1 with just a bullet in the magazine as an enemy approaches? No problem for Lancer, a quick barrel roll will give her a full clip and with her cracked submachine gun, the enemy barely stands a chance.

The 'Quick and Quiet' ability is also crucial to her role. As an aggressive SMG-flex, you'll likely be getting up close and personal with opponents. Not only is this ability a great getaway, but it also creates opportunities to sneak behind opponents silently and pick up kills on helpless opponents. The ability, once activated, increases her movement speed, mutes her footsteps and makes here immune to enemy reveals, counteracting the abilities of Dallas, Talon and Glitch. The former free runner uses speed and silence to become an assassin.

Rogue Company: How Lancer Swiftly Became The Best Rogue
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Rogue Company: How Lancer Swiftly Became The Best Rogue | Image via Fandom

Lancer's Perks

An underrated part of Rogue Company is the use of perks. When used correctly these will turn players from good to great. Any spare cash should be used accumulating these, and Lancers are crucial. Padded Steps makes her all but silent at any time. When she is not sprinting enemies won't be able to hear her, when she needs to sprint that's when to pop the ability and nobody will hear a thing. A perfect counter to the headset warriors. Stalker removes any ADS penalty which is useful to have if you want to play a little slower, and Life Drain comes in clutch. Downing an opponent will heal Lancer for a significant amount over a short time, which is key to her game style, especially later in the game.

Ultimately, Lancer is a dream Rogue for any aggressive player, and you'll often be found to be racing with teammates to select her at the start of the game.

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Image via Rogue Company | HiRez Studios