Rogue Company August Update Includes New 'Vice' Map

Rogue Company August Update Includes New 'Vice' Map

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Tom Chapman


5th Aug 2020 16:04

Hi-Rez Studios has rolled out a roadmap for Rogue Company and has dropped a tonne of new content for 2020. Even though the game hasn't even dropped yet, that hasn't stopped there being some serious interest being drummed up ahead of time. Similar to how VALORANT caused a buzz with its Twitch early access, Rogue Company has given some lucky players a sneak peek at what's on the way.

Despite Rogue Company's upcoming release, there's already an update with a brand new map called Vice. Rogue Company has split the rest of 2020 into a three-phase plan, that will kick off with content including the new map. Game designer Nick Keogh said Rogue Company's Vice map will include "the most electrifying visuals" yet. 


Rogue Company
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Vice is launching alongside a shooting gallery, where you can put your sharp-shooting abilities and game's weapons to good use against AI bots. Keogh warned the shooting gallery will have relatively basic graphics, but teased that they'll be updated at some point. Elsewhere, there's a new Deserter Penatly that aims to stop mis-matched teams. Anyone on the receiving end of the Deserter Penalty will be banned from queuing in pvp battles for an undisclosed period of time. 

While Rogue Company is currently in open beta to try and iron out any issues, the update is already confirmed to address balance issues. As well as smoke grenades expanding quicker but also dissipating faster, flashbangs will have a larger area, and Scorch's Overheat ability is being nerfed from 10 seconds - compared to the usual 15. Scorch isn't alone in being tweaked though. Anvil, Lancer, and Dallas are also due an update. 



Rogue Company
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Obviously, Phase 1 is just the beginning. Phase 2 will include a brand new Rogue, ranked play, and custom matches alongside the ability to level up rogues. In Phase 3, players will be able to level up equipment and make gameplay improvements. Importantly, it's here that a Battle Pass system will be introduced. 

Rogue Company effectively plays a lot like a third-person Overwatch and will be free-to-play at launch. Only time will tell whether we've got another Overwatch on our hands or Rogue Company is just a pale imitation. 

Images via Hi-Rez Studios

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