Rockstar Has 'Cancelled' Bully 2 Announcement

Rockstar Has 'Cancelled' Bully 2 Announcement
Rockstar Games

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Tom Chapman


14th Dec 2021 10:20

School's out for much more than the summer, as it sounds like Rockstar Games made a last-minute decision to axe Bully 2 from The Game Awards. It's been 15 years since Jimmy Hopkins rose through the ranks of Bullworth Academy, so our slingshots are poised with anticipation.

While Geoff Keighley's showcase showed off the likes of a Wonder Woman game, a closer look at Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League, a Silent Hill-inspired horror, and maybe a secret Resident Evil game, there was nothing from Rockstar. Maybe it's still hiding in the aftermath of the disastrous GTA Trilogy fiasco?

What's Going On With Bully 2?

According to resident school snitch Tom Henderson, Rockstar was supposed to announce Bully 2 at December 10's gaming smorgasbord. More than this, Henderson claims that some people have even got their hands on a playable version of the long-awaited sequel. Sadly, he concludes that information is a little "blurry" right now.

It's unclear why Rockstar would pull the plug on a reveal seemingly so close to the big day. However, let's look at the bigger picture. We've already had eight years of GTA V, with fans growing increasingly impatient to find out what's next for Grand Theft Auto.

Only recently, we had the backlash against Grove Street Games' maligned GTA Trilogy port, while elsewhere, the announcement that GTA Online was getting a Dr. Dre update has also fallen flat. Basically, Rockstar is in a sticky situation where if the news isn't related to the long-rumoured GTA 6, you're going to be dragged for it.

Will We Ever See Bully 2?

Added to the above, Game Informer's Blake Hester teased news about Bully 2 on December 13 and said, "Like, in a week or two, idk." Henderson's reveal gives hope that Bully 2 is waiting in the wings, and with Hester's cryptic nod, we could get a full reveal before the year is out.

Everything backs up reports from earlier this year that a Rockstar trademark hinted at Bully 2's existence. We've previously heard that the sequel was canned in favour of GTA 6, but given that we're no closer to that, no one is quite sure what's going on.

Let's be honest, the history of Rockstar is rife with controversy. However, while Manhunt was called out for its graphic content and was even implicated as the potential implication for a real-life murder, it still got a sequel. 

Rockstar is known for its sequels for everything from Red Dead to Max Payne - even Midnight Club has a whole franchise. Although some of these take nearly decades to make, Bully is in a sad situation where it's out there on its own. All these years later, we're left wondering why the foul-mouthed Bully hasn't lived to fight another day and why we've got an F in class. 


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