Is this just a branding refresh, or a coded message to fans?

15:54, 28 Feb 2020

Rockstar Games updated their website today with some new and interesting logos, which have fans of titles such as LA Noire and Bully, very excited.

While the logo and sidebar background could merely be a refresh of the site art, Rockstar fans are decoding the finer details.


The red R* logo is surrounded by text which reads; "killing dreams, murdering people, fighting the righteous, bullying the weak"; possibly hinting at Bully 2?

Reddit users have also pointed out the presence of the number 19 next to 48 R* icons, suggesting an LA Noire sequel to be set in 1948, a year after the original.

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The background image for the site’s sidebar shows a golden female robot with her arms around the R* icon, which is acting as a table for a glass of champagne. In the background, we can see the bottle of champagne in a chiller bucket. This certainly doesn’t jump out as belonging to any Rockstar title, but perhaps a futuristic title is in the works?


We’re sure the internet sleuths will keep an eye on this developing story, but only time will tell what Rockstar Games have up their sleeves.


Images via Rockstar Games

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