Everything you need to know about the Rocket League Ranked system, including the new Supersonic Legend rank.

18:20, 07 Jan 2021

Competitive Rocket League is a game mode for those who want to play against those of similar abilities and achieve a rank based upon how skilled you are. It is a popular feature within Rocket League and here’s how it works and everything you need to know.

What is Rocket League Ranked?

Within each game mode, you will get a separate rank, for example, you can achieve different ranks in doubles and solos. When playing competitive, you will initially have to go through 10 placement games to get placed in your designated rank. The placement games will allow Rocket League to determine how good you are and then place you with players of similar abilities.

Which game modes can I play in Rocket League Ranked?

You can get ranked within the following game modes:


  • 3v3 Standard
  • 2v2 Doubles
  • 1v1 Solos

These are the most popular game modes in which you can get ranked is it sticks to the same format as what players would have already been playing, and what you see the professionals playing. In the Rocket League Championships, you see them playing 3v3 Standard, however, you often see players such as SquishyMuffinz practising their freestyling skills on competitive 1v1. With Rocket League going free-to-play, Pysonix removed a playlist called '3v3 Solo Standard', which allowed solo players to head into a 3v3 queue without fear of coming up against teams. Seemingly due to its lack of popularity, this playlist headed to the archives.



  • Hoops
  • Dropshot
  • Snow Day

These are non-competitive game modes but do require a lot of skill, therefore have a ranked system. Especially in Dropshot and Hoops, aerial duels are key, and therefore they introduced ranks so that players with less skill weren’t being beaten to every ball by players who were much further advanced in this area.

What are the ranks in Rocket League?

The ranks you can achieve are:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Champion
  • Grand Champion
  • NEW - Supersonic Legend

Within each of the ranks up to, and including, Grand Champion, there are three tiers I, II, and III; and within these ranks are four divisions which also use the roman numerals, I, II, III, and IV. This may sound confusing at first, but it is easy to get the hang of it. For instance, upon ranking, it will display as Platinum II Division II, like below.

Rocket League Ranking System

The new Supersonic Legend rank is one of the most welcome changes to Rocket League ranked since it was introduced. Coming into the system as the game goes free to play, the Supersonic Legend rank will really set the special players apart. The Grand Champion rank became saturated as players began to develop their skills, and the inclusion of a new tier has gone down a treat, giving the better players something to grind for.

How do I move up in Rocket League Ranked?

You can rank up by winning games. For every couple of games that you win, you will advance through the ranks, so if your placement rank is lower than what you would have hoped for, you can be promoted. However, too many losses will mean that you will be relegated. This means that you can strive for the highest rank possible by winning games. This is why competitive play is so popular, as it makes every game worth winning.

Does earning a high Rocket League rank have better rewards?

The ranks work on seasons. We are currently on season 14 and each season lasts roughly 3 – 5 months. At the end of every season you will be rewarded, dependant on your rank. These rewards vary from car decals to wheels. The picture below contains the Season 11 Gold Decal reward, the Season 13 platinum wheels reward, and the Season 8 diamond boost reward. You can also see the variants change depending on which rank you finish in. Depending on which rank you finish in, you will also unlock the rewards in the divisions below you, for instance, if you finish Silver, you will be rewarded with both the Silver and Bronze rewards. The higher the rank that you get, the more fancy your reward will be.

Rocket League Ranking System

Why play Rocket League Ranked?

In a nutshell, competitive Rocket League is much more enjoyable for those who love to win. It weighs much higher importance on getting wins rather than just scoring freestyle goals. It’s not all about winning but this is a large factor. Having ranks to aim for and achieve sets players goals, and this is valued within the gaming community rather than just playing for the sake of it. It is also a great way to advance your skills and become the best Rocket League player that you can be.


Image via Rocketleague.com

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