In a recent blog post, Rocket League confirmed players won't need PS+ or Switch online to download the free-to-play game.

15:14, 03 Sep 2020

Psyonix announced on July 21 that Rocket League will be going free-to-play for everyone this summer. While Twitter replies and Twitch chats erupt at a lack of an announcement date, Psyonix has been working behind the scenes to improve near enough every aspect of the game.

From new quick chats, an improved Tournaments system, and an overhaul of the Challenges system, the developers are set to roll everything out in mid-September, The plan is for the game to go free shortly after. Most recently, Psyonix announced that players won't need PS+ or Switch Online to download the free-to-play version, upon its launch later this year.

“When people pick up Rocket League for the first time following the launch of free to play, we want to make sure they’re as comfortable as possible once they hit the field. That’s why there will be a new experience for new players when they first fire up the game," Psyonix explained in its recent blog post, before adding: "The new tutorial will put new players right on the field, and will teach the basic HUD and button layout. New players will also have New Driver Challenges to unlock items that were included in the base version of Rocket League". 

This means that when players come to download the game, they won't be forced to have an active online membership if they want to play the game, with a range of offline game modes available.

Rocket League Free-To-Play

Within the same blog post, they also introduced the new Quick Chats, which will come as a warm welcome to existing players, who have been asking for some new ways to communicate with their teammates without jumping on the mic.


The new chats are:

  • Faking.
  • Bumping!
  • On your left.
  • On your right.
  • Passing!

Professional player, Fairy Peak!, will be disappointed his "Be Careful!" quote hasn't made the cut after using it in his insane 1v1 comeback earlier this year, however, these changes are for the better and will be well received by the existing fans.

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